Other factors that influence the cost of managing Google Ads

  • Number of banner creations per month.
  • If video creatives need to be created and their number
  • Whether premium tool licenses are needed, which may be necessary for certain accounts.
  • Whether we need to suggest or create landing pages on websites.
  • If there are specific requirements for monthly reports requested by the client.

Factors that generally affect the Google advertising budget

The way Google charges for each click is multifaceted and influenced by various conditions. The main ones include:

  • The industry/niche of the business.
  • Customer lifecycle
  • Current trends
  • Effectiveness of the advertising account management.

In general, products or services that can yield higher profits, not only from the first sale but also over time, are more likely to have higher cost per click. In Greece, the cost per click on keyword targeting can start from €0.08/click and can go up to €4-5/click. So fae, we have not seen lower costs than these. Typically, for e-commerce, the cost ranges from €0.15-0.30/click, and for services (depending on the industry, geographic targeting, etc.), it’s around €0.20-0.50/click.

Costs for websites with specific requirements

There are cases with specific requirements. For example:

  • A website that is already advertised and performing well, and its Google budget is higher than the aforementioned amounts (e.g., could be already more than €1000 or even €5000, etc.).

In such cases, a discussion takes place with the client to understand their needs. It’s also reasonable to determine if the client allows us to access their advertising account to make a proposal. This is mainly because our service is time-based, and websites that have been in the field for a while or can bring very good results have more requirements.

  • A website that is not built on WordPress, is multilingual, and the client wants to promote it in different countries and languages.
  • Specialized sites like business directories with different focuses.
  • Large informative sites / newspapers, etc.

In general, some specific website cases require more information and a small investigation on our part to calculate the appropriate cost for Google advertising based on the individual circumstances.

We won’t delve into further details about other potential factors that might influence the cost of Google Ads clicks since that would require technical explanations beyond the scope of this text.