For the development of the eLearning website, we utilize a premium WordPress plugin that has been chosen by thousands of tutoring centers, educators, and schools worldwide. This tried-and-tested software has the capability to meet the requirements of various educational subjects for creating and managing asynchronous lessons. Here are some of its key features that might interest you:

Lesson Creation: Easily create pre-built lessons with rich content, including text, files, images, videos, and audio.
Section Organization: Divide the content into sections and organize the lesson with a logical sequence.
Activities and Assessments: Provide interactive activities and assessments to students, such as multiple-choice questions, file uploads, discussions, and much more.
Student Management: Easily manage your students, track their progress, and provide individual feedback.
Certification: Grant completion certificates to students after successfully finishing the lessons.
Collaborative Learning: Facilitate collaboration among students through discussion capabilities and collaborative assignments.