Ads 01: Google Ads Starter


This package is suitable for corporate website and service ads where there is no add to cart but the goal is to fill out a contact form or get prospects to call.

In the package there is no limitation on the number of campaigns we run as there is no limitation on the type of campaigns we run. The price for our services is 100 euros per month for an advertising budget of up to 1000 euros. If the advertising budget exceeds 1000 euros, there is an additional charge of 3% on the advertising budget.


  • For a monthly advertising budget of 300 euros, the charge for our services is 100 euros.
  • For a monthly advertising budget of 1500 euros, the fee for our services for the first 1000 euros is 100 euros and for the next 500 is 15 euros. That is, a total of 115 euros.


More information:
Depending on the company business topic, the initial advertising budget we recommend is usually between €250 – €500 for the first month.
We connect each website to Google analytics and monitor the effectiveness of Google ads through Google analytics.
In this way we know if the campaigns we run bring results and we can make the required modifications and recommend strategies to our clients.
After the first month, based on the first results, we inform the client and adjust the advertising budget based on achieving the desired goal.


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