SEO Marketing + SEO Competition Services for Ecommerce Websites (One Off)

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SEO Marketing + SEO Competition Services for Ecommerce Websites (One Off)


10 hours of research to identify the searches made by potential customers of a business on the Internet when looking for the services or products that interest them. The research also extends to competitor analysis. We find and study the keywords that competitors of a business are targeting in order to gain a deeper understanding of the subject and to shape a strategy for the website’s structure and promotion.

We recommend this service before starting tdesigning an ecommerce website to better study its subject and suggest solutions that will help it stand out in Google’s organic search results and also reduce the cpc in case the website is advertised with Google Ads.
This research service is also offered to clients who already have an ecommerce website and want to improve the ranking of their pages in Google search results.


For large ecommerce websites that have many categories of different products and a large number of products, this package may not be sufficient in terms of terms and pricing. In this case, and after consultation with our client, we conduct the research based on a specialized offer per category of products that we choose to work on regarding SEO. It’s a matter of choice, for example, there may be many products in one category, but the prices provided by the client may not be competitive, or there may not be enough products in one category. In any case, when dealing with large ecommerce websites, we start where the client has the ability to expand for various reasons related to their ability to provide a competitive advantage in the market.


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