What is SEO for multilingual websites

SEO services for websites that present their content in more than one language are aimed at those who wish to adapt the content of their website per country, even if in some countries the language is the same (eg America, England, Australia, etc.).

Why SEO services are important for multilingual websites

International SEO is important because it aims to get organic traffic in different countries and different languages. It is not enough to simply translate the website content into different languages and maintain the same architecture or layout. The keyword search patterns of users have variations, and the combinations of keywords that users use to search for services or products change from country to country and from language to language. Apart from this, many times the services and products preferred in a country differ according to the preferences of the buying public. A service that is popular in one country may not exist at all in another and vice versa. Our international SEO services help us identify these differences in user expectations, needs and intentions. An international SEO professional is able to identify these differences and formulate an international SEO strategy for a website by country or language in such a way that the content is optimized to match user behavior and requirements.

International SEO services and multilingual websites

It is clear that translating a website into multiple languages does not necessarily mean that it is SEO optimized in all of those languages. There is a significant amount of work that needs to be done to SEO optimize a multilingual website. Each website in a different language needs a separate set of SEO services because user behavior varies from country to country.

The cost of international SEO services is high

Compared to the “standard” type of SEO, the answer to this question is “yes”. SEO services for projects related to multilingual sites are expensive because they require a team of people (translators, SEO professionals, marketing teams, web developers, etc.). These professionals must coordinate and cooperate to achieve the desired result. If such a service is cheap, it probably does not focus on quality and agile project management methodology, but rather relies on hasty delivery of a project without aiming for quality. Such a project should focus on doing the best possible research and developing the best SEO mechanisms for the intended goal, without the constraints of a strictly predetermined budget. It should be a project that allows team members to focus on quality.

Apart from the size of the team and the methodology to be used, the SEO services provided by SEO professionals have a high cost due to the size of the websites. Companies requesting international SEO services usually have large websites, and by multiplying the size of a website by the number of different languages / countries they target, the task becomes even bigger. Each new language requires its own SEO research and implementation time.

What SEO services does international SEO include?

All types of SEO services mentioned on this website are services that must be implemented when it comes to such a project.
• SEO Marketing Services
• SEO technical audit services
• Local SEO Services
• SEO optimization services
• Strategic SEO services
• Consulting SEO Services
• Online SEO Training – Check out a case study of an SEO training program
Additional services that the customer may need:
• Trainings on the Google Analytics tool
• Webmaster tools training
• Trainings on the GTM tool (Google Tag Manager)

Website types and international SEO services

As an SEO consultant and professional in international SEO, I undertake SEO projects for websites belonging to one of the following types:
* Multilingual blogs (Blogs), newspapers, job boards, directories, etc.. Websites whose main theme is providing information through the creation of quality and valuable content.
* Corporate websites whose main activity is to inform their readers about their services or products.
* Ecommerce websites whose main purpose is to sell a product / service via e-cart.

International SEO and translation services

International SEO services cannot be implemented without the cooperation of a translation agency. For the services I offer, I work with a partner who offers translation services for all languages.

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