What are SEO optimization services?

SEO optimization services (also known as on-page SEO) are about improving the content of a website. They aim to reshape it so that it targets more effectively keywords that interest us. SEO optimization services require a deep study of the services or products a business offers in comparison to market trends and competition. This service is similar to SEO marketing service, but is usually offered to businesses that already have a website and are wondering how they can achieve better rankings in Google search results. Also, SEO optimization can be done on a part of the site or even a page and it is not always necessary to make a radical change of the site.

Which Businesses Need SEO Optimization Services?

All businesses that have a website and online presence will greatly benefit from SEO optimization services, even if they have some organic traffic. The reason for this is that user behavior is constantly changing and we need to adapt the content of the web pages so that they present exactly what our prospective customers are looking for. A company or a professional doing SEO professionally has access to tools that offer valuable insights into how a business’s prospects operate online. A website whose traffic statistics show insufficient user engagement with the content needs an immediate upgrade.

Website SEO optimization in the past compared to today

Website SEO optimization is something that has evolved over time. When SEO first appeared as a service it mostly used black hat SEO tactics that were primarily aimed at tricking Google’s bots. They aimed to improve the ranking of a web page or website without improving the quality of the website. However, the quality of a site was and still is the main factor that Google ranks a site down in the results. Google has caught on to many of the black hat SEO techniques and changed their algorithm to such an extent that now very few of the black hat SEO techniques can bring any results. SEO isn’t just about keywords, or it shouldn’t be just about keywords. The heart of SEO is based on the behavior of users visiting our site compared to the corresponding behavior of users visiting competing websites. What we want to achieve is that users are happier on our website and this is something we can improve in various ways.

What is involved in SEO website optimization?

SEO web optimization services suggest changes to website content and fixes related to how the user navigates through the website. The proposals are made after first studying the statistics of the website and using digital marketing tools that give us information about online consumer behavior.

For example, when a user searches for “dance lessons” what other related searches are they doing? Searches are analyzed by Google’s algorithms with artificial intelligence (AI) technology to understand user behavior through highly intelligent and complex algorithms. SEO optimization services use and analyze such data to understand what a website is missing in relation to what users are looking for. The suggestions we make at this stage are not limited to content additions, but may include changes to the layout of the web pages, menu, internal links and even suggest new services / products for the business.

On-page SEO optimization is essential during a website redesign

No one should redesign a website without doing an SEO marketing research first. My long experience has led me to the conclusion that there is no bigger mistake, especially when the products or services that the website promotes are known to the buying public (ie they are not an innovation that does not already exist on the market).

Redesigning a website is not just about choosing a nice aesthetic result that suits our audience. It must include other things. The aesthetic effect is very important, however, it is not more important than the content. When an SEO company or SEO consultant does research on SEO website optimization, it comes up with recommendations on how a website should look (content-wise as well as layout-wise). In this way, we increase the chances of leading our potential customers to the desired result. Each section of content within the website should have a reason to exist and include types of information that are of interest to users. Fortunately, we have SEO tools to determine what users have in mind when they search for different keywords. When we manage to create landing pages that meet the interests of our prospective customers then we have created websites that are fully optimized. A technical SEO audit is important since unrecognized technical SEO errors can do a lot of harm to our website’s organic results. But it is important to note that SEO website optimization that only includes a technical SEO audit does not guarantee increased organic traffic or user engagement. Successful user engagement requires additional steps.

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