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Providing SEO strategy services is a challenging task that requires a lot of research and data analysis, a good knowledge of the SEO environment and its trends, and good organizational and communication skills. It also requires a good understanding of web design principles as well as the need for analytical thinking and creativity. The bigger the website and the more topics it covers, the more SEO strategy is needed to come up with an effective solution that focuses on achieving quality results and not just meeting the need of creating a website. It takes a lot of effort to create and accept a marketing brand and this is important so that you can present your business as one of the leading businesses in its field. Good SEO strategy is invaluable in achieving this goal and your main goal should always be quality.

What exactly are strategic SEO services?

SEO strategy is a research process aimed at discovering the important areas (product/service categories, information) that a business should focus on in order to reach its prospective customers. These areas are determined first and foremost by what prospective customers are looking for. Strategic SEO service focuses mainly on defining the content, but also offers information that can also influence important business decisions. Such as, proposals for the products and services it offers, the information base it offers, the channels that should be used to promote the company.

SEO is not just keywords but essentially the process of understanding the intentions of prospective customers. Understanding your prospects takes considerable time and effort. Once an action plan is made, approved and implemented, its performance should also be monitored and modified whenever required. SEO strategy is an ongoing process that evolves as audience expectations and competition evolve.

For small websites and local businesses, SEO strategy services initially require a very good analysis and action plan, but require much less time and maintenance. Larger websites need to invest in this service at regular intervals and some will even need to include it in their monthly costs to ensure a top presence in Google’s organic results for all keywords / topics of interest to them.

What exactly are strategic SEO services?

A comprehensive SEO plan for a new client should include the following points:

1. SEO strategy research and analysis

  • Discussions with the client for the best possible understanding of the business object and business goals / intentions.
  • Technical SEO audit that will allow us to ensure that on a technical level the website has no problems.
  • Analysis of the current organic traffic of the website: the goal here is to find SEO strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats always at the SEO level. This process is like a SWOT analysis but at the SEO level and will help us understand where the business is and where we can reach in terms of traffic.
  • Deeper analysis of traffic dynamics focusing on specific topics and deepening user intentions E.g. Is there something directly related to the topics users are looking for that we’re missing? Or are there additional topics related to the website topic that can help us find prospective customers?
  • Research and analysis of the competition and their tactics as it pertains to SEO and the promotion of their websites.

2. SEO strategy plan

This step involves submitting a report on the findings of the first and providing recommendations on actions to be taken.

  • Suggestions for technical SEO optimization.
  • Suggestions for navigation structure to better cover the topics discovered in the first stage.
  • Landing page optimization suggestions, including some technical aspects as well as content aspects.
  • Suggestions for action.
  • Suggestions for creating internal links.
  • Suggestions for off page SEO.

3. SEO strategy implementation stage

This is where the proposals must enter the implementation stage and become reality. This stage usually requires the involvement of developers (sometimes both back-end and front-end) as well as cooperation with publishers or marketing departments (when the site is large). It all depends on how a business is structured and operated.

4. Continuous monitoring of results and modification of strategy when necessary

This stage involves monitoring and measuring the results of the implemented proposals. This is an important step to ensure that everything has been implemented as suggested and to understand the impact of the changes. In some cases, depending on the impact, additional actions must be taken to ensure the best possible results.

5. Monthly report

Monthly reporting is also an ongoing task that should be done when an SEO company offers SEO strategy services. Reports are important so that we can understand the results of SEO and evaluate how far we are from the goals that have been set.

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