What is a technical SEO Auditand how a website can benefit from a technical SEOaudit

There are many variables related to technical SEO that affect a website’s ranking in Google search results. A SEO professional has the necessary experience to identify mistakes and give advice as well as carry out the technical work required. Technical SEO requires people who understand all the SEO dynamics and have the experience to spot the mistakes that prevent websites from achieving high rankings. Many times, fixing technical SEO issues takes time, and depending on how a website is built, it may be necessary to have developers step in to fix some wrong techniques in the code.

What areas do we usually check when we perform a technical SEO audit?

Next you will see some of the areas we check on a website during a technical SEO audit.

Server errors / Server errors: Server errors are often responsible for the poor ranking of a website or a specific web page. There are several types of such errors to watch out for. Technical SEO helps us find these errors and solve them. Technical SEO helps us find these errors and fix.

Navigation: Navigationis a very important variable that affects the SEO performance of a website. A website with a poor navigation structure will not perform well in organic results or perform worse than its content dynamics would normally allow. Poor navigation is often an issue on e-commerce websites where no SEO marketing research was done before the website was created.

Redirects: This is a very common technical SEO problem that is not always easy to spot. There are types of redirects that seem to work as intended and send users to the page we want them to see, but they don’t follow SEO principles and don’t carry any SEO juice (SEO power). This is especially common on sites where users need to be redirected to other pages or on e-commerce sites with seasonal products or products that are no longer offered either because they are no longer in stock or because the business stopped selling them and replaced them with other similar products. It’s important to know which redirects to use and why, otherwise we might end up losing valuable SEO power.

Canonicalurls: In case your site has different pages that contain the same content or almost the same content, it is important to define canonical urls. This is how we tell the bots which page we want crawled and allows us to redirect all the SEO juice to one page, making it more powerful in terms of its SEO potential.

Page Titles:The titles we use on every web page are very important to target the right keywords. It is also important because they affect whether the user will find our content interesting enough to click and land on our page.

WebsiteURLs: Website urls or permalinks are also very important elements for targeting the right set of keywords / topics.

Duplicatecontent: Duplicate content, especially when it comes from a technical error, can lead to large sections of the site not being indexed. This is a very common and important technical SEO mistake that many websites make.

Metas: The meta description and even the meta word/words play a very important role in what robots read and understand when they visit a website. Especially when a website is new or there is a lot of competition in the keywords we are targeting, the right metas content is a very powerful SEO ally.

H1, H2, strong etc.:The tags used within the content of each page is another important element that affects SEO performance and is often overlooked

Sitemaps / Sitemaps: The sitemaps we create help us tell bots about all the content on a website that we want to be read and listed in Google search results. Many sites still have no maps or the maps have errors and cannot be read properly by bots.

Schema markup: Schema markup helps us inform bots about certain types of content a website contains. Schema types are predefined and help bots read a website’s content faster and more structured.

Google Penalties: In addition to checking the variables above, technical SEO audits allow us to detect any issues related to penalties that Google gives to those sites that do not agree with its policy rules. There are different types of penalties that Google can give. Depending on the type of penalty, a website’s organic traffic can be affected to a small or large extent, gradually or abruptly. It’s important to be able to identify these issues so we can fix them faster.

ImageSEO: Another important SEO factor that the majority of websites do not activate or even if they take it into account they do not do it correctly is the SEO that we can do on images. Image SEO usually requires quite a bit of additional time to implement properly, which is why most website builders don’t do it. The payoff in organic traffic, however, can be huge.

VideoSEO: For websites that host videos and those that use other domains to upload videos, there are some additional SEO tactics that can help us improve organic traffic.

Robots.txt: This is another hidden element that often contains the wrong code and can significantly affect the success of SEO efforts.

Speed: A slow page load speed can negatively affect a website’s organic traffic and user navigation experience.

SEOoptimizationfor mobile andtablets:

Websites that are not user-friendly when it comes to navigation from different devices and consequently screen sizes also negatively affect SEO.

Does every website need a technical SEOaudit?

The answer to this question is yes. Every website needs a technical SEO audit. What may differ between small and large sites is how often it is necessary to do it. For small websites that are not updated very often, a technical SEO audit should be done at least once. For larger websites with constant content renewal I recommend a full technical SEO audit that is done every 6 to 12 months or whenever a major change occurs to the website.

Interested in a technical SEOaudit for your website?

If you are interested in a technical SEO audit, fill out the “Request and quote” form and we will respond within two business days. In case you’re wondering why I don’t have set price lists for the SEO services I offer, I’d like to inform you that depending on the size of a website, the topic(s) it deals with, and the competition in the subject matter, the time a SEO expert to find the technical errors you differentiate. As this is a time-based service a cost estimate can be made after viewing your website first. This ensures the composition of a quality result and not a service done in haste.

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