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WordPress is the most popular CMS around today. Most of the professional / premium WordPress themes (designs) have been developed following the rules of SEO and do not create problems when we try to optimize a site. Using WordPress we also have access to very good plugins/apps that allow us to improve SEO per landing page even more. Some plugins automatically generate sitemaps or inform us of errors and how we can improve SEO performance per webpage. But if one is not familiar with the principles of SEO, even these plugins cannot guarantee better rankings in Google’s organic results. As icing on the cake comes the SEO competition that we have to face and this makes things even more difficult.

My observations as SEO consultant on WordPress CMS

I have been offering WordPress SEO consulting and general WordPress services for many years and have seen and continue to see very beautiful websites that do not follow any fundamental SEO principles. I believe there are two main reasons for this:

  1. The websites are built by website owners who don’t know SEO and are essentially amateur efforts.
  2. Websites are built by IT companies or freelancers, whose main concern is to build websites as quickly as possible that look nice and have good code.

When the goal of creating a website is simply to look good or write good code without first considering the target audience and what we want to achieve, the results are usually not good. It is important to first conduct an SEO marketing research so that we can understand the market and the potential we have and then plan a marketing strategy that can bring results to the business. These steps will help us optimize every aspect of a website when we reach the development stage. They will form the foundation upon which we create the content that will allow us to bring organic traffic to the site. Organic traffic from users who are genuinely interested in our services or products. The most common consequence of websites built without SEO research is a complete lack of organic traffic or little organic traffic unrelated to the service or products the business offers.

How should a WordPress site be built to bring in organic traffic?

Many times clients who approach me come to me to help them rebuild their WordPress website or to help them make their first WordPress website. Usually these clients either have no idea how to structure their website or have already thought of everything. But most of them do not know how SEO and digital marketing works to be able to “design” the content of a website well. My goal is to understand their business and what they wish to achieve. I then study their market so that I can make suggestions for their website. After that, we discuss the proposals in detail with the client so that what they present is understood. At this point the proposal can be reformulated so that we fully agree with the client on the strategy to follow and then I can shape the architecture of the website in more detail and the project enters the development/implementation stage.

In my experience, this is the best process we can follow. A client does not have the necessary know-how and I for my part do not know the market in which the client wants to operate but also the client’s business and its capabilities. So, we have to combine our knowledge to find the best strategy that will bring the desired results. The first job of an SEO professional regardless of the CMS, is to give advice and help the client build their business successfully. The main concern for an SEO consultant is not simply to deliver a project, but to formulate and implement a strategy that will bring the results that will increase the profitability of the business.

The WordPress SEO services I offer

Below you will find a list of the SEO services I offer:
• SEO Marketing Services
• SEO technical audit services
• Local SEO services
• SEO website optimization services
• SEO strategy services
• SEO consulting services
• Training in SEO principles with TeamViewer connection
• Training in Google Analytics basics

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