The cost of advertising on Google varies greatly from country to country and from subject to subject. The lowest cost at which we, at Tryseo, can undertake such a project is:

– For execution: €100/month

– With a minimum budget on Google: €150/month.

Such costs are for very small websites that want to test Google advertising and primarily focus on services provided locally in major cities in Greece (e.g. Athens, Thessaloniki). We make this distinction because we have managed to deliver results to our clients even with such low overall advertising budgets and under the right conditions (e.g. appealing website presentation, well-crafted content, professional services, etc.).

When a website promotes services at the local level, it’s easier for us to achieve results that help the client grow (e.g. receiving inquiries via phone or contact forms to request quotes or additional information).

– €130/month for execution

In such cases, the minimum costs are:

– €120/month for execution

– €300/month for the budget.

In theory, the Google budget could be as low as €50/month, but with such figures, we can’t effectively test campaigns, draw conclusions, and consequently, speak about results that would satisfy the client.