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If you’re looking for a Google Services Specialist, you’ve landed on the right page. My name is Sofia Tsenekidou and I have many years of experience in SEO covering all its techniques. I combine services and products offered by Google so that I can offer my clients all the resources they need to grow their businesses using the ‘power’ that Google has in its hands and offers us. The services I provide are aimed at a wide range of businesses (small and large) and are not limited to just the concept of SEO. They also act as support as online market research that can direct businesses to choose products and services with less financial risk. I only undertake projects for which I believe my services will bring the desired result to my clients. My goal is to help the companies I undertake to develop and become leaders in the market in which they operate. For this reason I do not undertake more than one company active in the same field. Namely some of the services I offer: SEO strategy development and implementation consulting services, Google advertising services – Google Ads, training in Google Analytics, training in Google Webmaster tools, Google Tag Manager projects as well as website creation services based on wordpress.

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Additional information about me

I studied Marketing with Economics (Bachelor with Honors Degree) at the University of Stirling, UK and continued my studies at postgraduate level obtaining an MSc in Computer Science at the same university. In the first years of my career I worked in positions related to marketing management, customer service, procurement, IT project management, imports and exports. So I know very well the needs of businesses and how they operate. In 2014 I made a career change and since then I have been professionally engaged in Digital Marketing specializing in Google products and services combined with WordPress website development. You can find my detailed CV on linkedin.

SEO sparked my interest from the first moment of my career (in 2003) and since then I timidly started my first steps in small individual website projects. The SEO field back then was very different than it is now and to be honest I prefer the way it works now. SEO today is mostly based on White Hat SEO techniques which when done right really help a business grow. In the past, the SEO ‘race’ did not necessarily win the one who played fair, nor necessarily the best. Nowadays, the artificial intelligence algorithms used by google leave no room for fake leaders. The better one actually becomes, the greater share of the online market one earns through the high rankings one earns in the search results of Google and other search engines.

The services I provide in detail

The SEO, digital marketing & consulting services I provide in more detail

  • Internet Business Consultation:

Provision of consulting services aimed at the development of companies through the improvement of their corporate websites and the use of digital marketing. This service requires the conduct of online marketing research regarding the market and the products/services in which the company operates and the drafting of proposals & online strategy for the development of the company.

  • SEO Services – Website Optimization:

On-page SEO, *Keyword popularity analysis, * Website redesign analysis based on SEO , *Website content optimization proposals based on SEO, *Website landing page optimization (technical and content based), * Formation of content strategy based on keyword research, topics popularity and competition analysis, *Coordinating and collaboration with web designers, developers and content writers in order to achieve website SEO optimization and increase traffic and conversions, * Site architecture recommendations to increase the organic traffic, *Content writing.

Technical SEO Audit: * server errors – canonicals – H1s – metas – titles – navigation – sitemaps, queries, crawl budget, schema markup, * Webmaster tools (Google, Bing, Yandex), * Image SEO, * Video SEO.

More SEO services: * Local SEO, * SEO considerations moving from http to https, * Managing Google Manual Penalties, * Keyword ranking tracking & reporting, * Landing page tracking & reporting, * Off-Page SEO and Link Building, * Training content writers to understand the principles of landing page SEO optimization.

Online competition analysis: * SEO weaknesses and strengths + opportunities and threats, * targeted keywords, * SEO strategic and technical techniques, * checking backlinks.

  • Google Ads – Adwords:

* Landing page optimization for better quality scores, * Google Adwords campaigns creation including banner creations (Search, display, video), * Remarketing, * Conversion tracking, * Custom audience etc.

  • Google Analytics:

* Goal creations, * Audience creations, * Custom segments, * Custom dimensions * Advanced Filters, * Custom Reports, * Dashboard Reports, * Link GA with Adwords and Search Console, Search console management, * Export GA goals in Adwords, Export audiences in Adwords, * Adsense

  • Google Tag Manager:

Google Tag Manager advanced knowledge. How to connect with Google Analytics, add Remarketing and Conversion tracking, add facebook pixel, add tracking for outbound links, cross domain tracking, event tracking, custom dimensions setup etc.

  • Additional internet marketing services:

* Affiliate marketing, * Google Adsense, * Facebook Ads

  • Website development and design: * WordPress website creation services, * WordPress consultant services, * Providing support which includes website updates, plugin updates, website backups, * Create custom code whenever necessary, * Amend website designs with CSS, * Manage hosting and domains.

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