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Creating a corporate identity is the foundation that sets the tone for all of a company's marketing efforts.

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If you are interested in corporate identity design services, contact us. We create the corporate identity of our clients according to the style and object of their company.

Corporate identity design is key to building a successful business. It is the foundation that sets the tone for all business marketing efforts and helps build brand awareness. A strong corporate identity design can help a business stand out from its competitors and create a strong, recognizable brand. It is a combination of visual elements, such as logos, colors, typography and images, that convey the message and values of the business to its customers. Corporate identity design is a critical part of building a successful business as it can help increase visibility, establish trust and create loyalty among customers. With the right use of corporate identity design, businesses can create a unique, recognizable brand that customers can recognize and trust.

What does corporate identity design include?

Corporate identity design as a process of creating a unique visual representation of a company or organization that can be used to create an impression and convey the company’s personality usually includes:
* logo : The logo is the main element of a corporate identity, as it is often used to represent the company in various contexts, such as advertising, signage and product packaging. The logo must be a unique and recognizable symbol that accurately reflects the company’s values and mission.
* business card: A business card is important in creating a first impression when networking with potential clients and customers.
* Letterhead: Letterhead is essential for official communication and serves as a reminder of the company’s identity.
* envelope/folder: Envelopes and envelopes are also part of corporate identity design, as they are often used to package marketing materials and other company-related documents.

In addition, the design of a corporate identity can also be extended to the creation of a website that will have the same style as the corporate identity, banners, inscriptions, posters, etc.

What are the advantages of creating a corporate identity for a business?

Creating a corporate identity for a business can be extremely beneficial. Corporate identity is the public face of a company and is used to create an image and project a desired message to clients, customers and partners. It helps create a unified presence that reflects the company’s mission, values and goals.

Creating a unified corporate identity helps create a unique brand that is easily recognizable and will build loyalty, trust and recognition among customers. This can help ensure that your company stands out from the competition and is easier to remember when customers make purchasing decisions.

A cohesive corporate identity also helps create a sense of unity and professionalism within the company. When all employees know the company’s mission and vision, they are more likely to work toward those goals. It also makes it easier for employees to stay on-brand when interacting with customers, as they have a clear understanding of how the company wants to be represented.

Finally, corporate identity helps ensure consistency across all aspects of your business. This includes everything from the logo and branding elements, to the physical environment, marketing materials and customer service. Creating a consistent experience for customers across all these touchpoints can help build trust and credibility, which are essential for success.


What are the prerequisites for the successful design of a corporate identity?

Designing a successful corporate identity requires careful consideration of several key elements. First of all, the design must accurately reflect the company’s mission and values. It should communicate the company brand in a positive way that is recognizable to existing and potential customers. In addition, it is important to consider the intended audience when designing a corporate identity. Colors, fonts, and images that best represent the company and its brand should be considered. Additionally, the logo should be flexible enough to be used across multiple platforms, including print, websites, and social media. Finally, it is important to ensure that all aspects of the corporate identity are consistent in order to create a cohesive and unified brand image.

The steps we follow?

1. Gathering and reviewing your requirements
The process begins with recording your inclinations and needs. Our team directs a survey of your organization and your items and presents you with our suggestions.
2. Demonstration of primary examples
Our experienced staff from the visual communication department, after completing the necessary investigation on your subject area, starts with the production of up to 3 contours.
3. Modifications to the selected design
After arriving at the draft that best suits the style and taste of your organization, we continue, if necessary, with significant modifications.
4. Completion and transfer of plans
After the plan is completed, the readiness of the plans and files to be given to you in high-target documents with the goal that they can be used in any battle of your organization.

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Additional useful information

How can I test my logo?2023-08-27T08:28:27+00:00

Usually, after multiple design variations of a logo are created, our clients start testing it. This is done by presenting it to their friends, family, clients, and individuals they generally trust for their taste. In this way, they take into consideration the preferences of others. Some might even post the logo variations on social media and ask their followers which version of the logo they prefer. Large companies, when creating a new logo, also hire a professional logo testing service to obtain genuine feedback from tests of their new logos.

Are there trends and techniques in the logo design process?2023-08-27T08:33:47+00:00

When creating a logo design, the latest trends and logo design techniques used by professional designers worldwide should be kept in mind. This will give the logo an advantage and make it stand out in the market. Logo design trends change every few years with the emergence of new styles and aesthetics. Here are some logo design trends that are currently being used in the logo design industry: Τάσεις λογότυπων:

Typography: Every logo design is built upon the idea of the typography of the logo. This is because logos are often brief and need to capture the viewer’s attention in a fraction of a second. The typeface chosen for a logo will be the brand’s first visual communication with its audience, so it’s crucial to make the right choice.

Vector Graphics: Vector graphics are created using mathematical equations that are applied to generate images and shapes. They are more detailed and precise compared to raster graphics (bitmap images). Vector graphics are a popular choice for logos because they allow for unlimited color variations and sizes, and they can be scaled to any size without any loss of quality.

Need some preparation for the logo design process?2023-08-27T08:36:40+00:00

The first step in creating a logo is a brainstorming of ideas and research into visual concepts that resonate with a business’s brand. It can start with developing a unique visual representation for a business’s brand, which creates a visual connection with your target market. This visual representation can be based on the name, vision, mission, product, service, or a significant event in the business’s journey. Another way to generate visual ideas for a logo is to examine the logos of competitors and analyze them to determine what works and what doesn’t in their logo designs. By analyzing the logos of competitors, ideas can emerge about what works visually and what doesn’t in a logo, and these insights can be used to create a distinctive logo design that better represents your business.

What is a logo and why is it important?2023-08-27T08:39:42+00:00

A logo, in brief, is a visual symbol or emblem commonly used by businesses to promote their products and services. It often becomes the most recognizable representation of a company and has become nearly as essential as the company’s name itself. The logo is frequently used on business cards, letterheads, advertisements, websites, product packaging, and merchandise like clothing, bags, and souvenirs. It serves as a visual representation of a company’s brand that aids its recognizability. Creating a logo that represents a business and is easily understood by potential customers is a crucial endeavor. The logo should be unique, simple, memorable, and appropriate for a business’s brand. It should also reflect the company’s mission, vision, and values. A well-designed logo that effectively represents a company’s brand will significantly contribute to enhancing its visibility and helping it stand out among competitors in its industry.

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