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We provide quality and economical solutions to our customers so that they can face the challenges of our time

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Short Profile

The company Digital Data Services Ltd (Distinctive title: Tryseo) was created in 2014 in Sofia, Bulgaria with the aim of providing quality and at the same time economical digital services to businesses and individuals. From the first moment of its launch, its services are provided to its customers with remote communication (skype, viber, email, zoom, etc.) and remote control services. In special cases when required we meet our clients either at their premises or in co-working spaces in Sofia, Thessaloniki or other areas.


Over the years and with the experience gained over the years, Digital Data Services Ltd has developed and specialized in providing services in the field of IT, advertising and website promotion with SEO (Search Engine Optimization). In these areas we are developing with the aim of providing a complete solution for all the needs of our customers.

Innovation & Philosophy

At Digital Data Services Ltd pioneering is an integral part of our philosophy. We find and offer solutions to our customers wherever they are, whatever their industry. We believe in freedom of expression and choices, as well as in the uniqueness of each person and each project. Thus, we have chosen to grow our team with professionals who have the ability to work in any part of Greece or the world they wish with flexibility and professionalism. We believe in man’s ability to find solutions and prosper. The limits of its possibilities lie in the mind and thought. After all, this is something that the Covid era proved to us in which all of humanity managed an improbable scenario!

Win – Win scenario for everyone

Our ability to work remotely allows us to grow quickly and in a way that all participants enjoy special privileges:

Benefits for our team

  • flexibility (in terms of location, hours, type of employment – full-time, part-time, project-based)
  • higher fee for their services (a part of the cost we save from fixed costs of an office goes to their fees)
  • better balance between family / personal and work life
  • extra personal time because they don’t waste time commuting
  • zero travel costs

Privileges for our customers

  • The best professionals undertake on our clients’ projects
  • Affordable services
  • Very easy and flexible communication
  • High degree of flexibility in terms of serving the requirements of each project

Benefits for Tryseo

  • Ability to select our team from a larger talent pool that has no geographic boundaries and limiting lifestyle beliefs
  • Easy communication
  • Increased productivity
  • Efficiency
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Flexibility to challenges of our time and its demands

Who are our customers?

Our customers are small and medium-sized businesses that want quality services in the field of IT, advertising and SEO and at the same time need and want an economical solution for them. In addition, our clients share our same philosophy and principles regarding the way we operate and have shaped our work structure. This is the only way we can provide the quality of service we promise at the price we promise.

How we operate

Data Analysis

We understand your needs and the market in which you operate

It is important to start right

We plan

The strategy is the best ally for success

We know where we are heading

We implement

We use a combination of tools for every project

We choose what suits each company

We advise

We add our knowledge to that of our customers

Our cooperation is important

We Measure Results

We monitor the results of our strategy and actions

We redesign to optimize them

We are developing

We receive the feedback of our customers

We combine our excellence

Is everything as easy as we make it out to be?

Challenge is everywhere in our lives and in any choice we make and this is the characteristic that leads to the personal and professional development of all of us. So, for those who have the same philosophy as us and our values, we can walk the path of this challenge together with the goal of success and the experience of the journey as Cavafy says in Ithaca. Contact us if our business profile matches your requirements.

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Some of the most popular services we provide:

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Company Information

Digital Data Services Ltd,
Vladayska 19,
Sofia, 1164,

Vat No: BG203204501

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