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Website Development with eLearning Functionality

Do you need a website that supports the capability of asynchronous teaching? We have prepared two packages that might interest you.

At Tryseo, we offer website development services designed for schools, tutoring centers, and educators, aiming not only to showcase the institution but also to provide an additional advantage that facilitates communication with students. This involves providing pre-prepared lessons that are available online. With the rapid advancement of technology, the internet has become an essential resource for education and student development. We are here to help you fully leverage this opportunity.

The platform we have chosen for building websites for tutoring centers and educators

In the field of creating websites for educational purposes, we utilize the WordPress platform. WordPress has proven to be an excellent choice for this purpose, as it offers a plethora of advantages for creating and managing educational websites. With WordPress, we can create customized websites that cater to the needs of each school or educator. Its flexibility allows us to incorporate anything that a tutoring center or educator might require in terms of both content and functionality. Additionally, the user-friendliness, reliability, and large WordPress community ensure the potential for excellent support and expandability of the website in the future. With WordPress, we have developed a dynamic and effective online education platform for student growth and the success of our educational programs.

Do you need a solution regarding website development that will enable you to extend your tutoring center’s activities online? Contact us.

Website Functionality

For the development of the eLearning website, we utilize a premium WordPress plugin that has been chosen by thousands of tutoring centers, educators, and schools worldwide. This tried-and-tested software has the capability to meet the requirements of various educational subjects for creating and managing asynchronous lessons. Here are some of its key features that might interest you:

Lesson Creation: Easily create pre-built lessons with rich content, including text, files, images, videos, and audio.
Section Organization: Divide the content into sections and organize the lesson with a logical sequence.
Activities and Assessments: Provide interactive activities and assessments to students, such as multiple-choice questions, file uploads, discussions, and much more.
Student Management: Easily manage your students, track their progress, and provide individual feedback.
Certification: Grant completion certificates to students after successfully finishing the lessons.
Collaborative Learning: Facilitate collaboration among students through discussion capabilities and collaborative assignments.

Methods of Course Tracking

The solutions we provide offer flexible options for students to attend classes, either through purchasing individual lessons, accessing them for free, or subscribing to a membership. Students have the ability to choose the method that best suits their needs. Here are some payment methods that students can select:
Purchase of Individual Courses: Students can buy individual courses, paying a specific price for access to each.
Subscription: Students can subscribe to a plan that allows them access to a set of courses for a certain period.
Free Access: Students can also gain access to courses without paying anything, whether they are trial lessons from a paid unit or entire course units.
Furthermore, there are flexible options for organizing and tracking courses. I If desired, students can follow course units in a logical sequence and progress to the next unit only when they’ve completed the previous ones. This allows for structured and consistent learning progression.


The solutions we provide:
• Offer a variety of student enrollment options, including automatic enrollment, enrollment with access codes, and enrollment via links.
• Allow you to create different enrollment levels, each with its own access rights.
• Enable you to track user enrollments and monitor their progress in their courses.

Payment methods

• We offer a variety of payment methods, including credit card payments, PayPal, and invoicing.
• You can set different prices for your courses and provide discounts for groups or individuals.
• You can monitor user payments and track your revenue.


• We provide a range of tools for managing your learning content, including user management, course management, and payment management.
• You can monitor your users, courses, and payments from your WordPress administrative interface.
• You can export data in CSV or XML format.

We have experience in building websites for tutoring centers and educators. Today is the day to start a successful partnership.

eLearning Website Development Offers

Please see the following the website development packages for eLearning / asynchronous education that we offer. For more information and clarifications contact us.

Additional useful information

What is asynchronous education and how does it differ from synchronous education?2023-08-12T08:40:24+00:00

Asynchronous education refers to a form of learning where students have the flexibility to progress through the material and access educational resources at their own pace and within their own timeframe. In this type of education, students can organize their time and the way they engage with the learning material according to their needs and preferences.

On the other hand, synchronous education refers to a form of learning where students gather simultaneously with the instructor or peers in real-time. This can occur in physical classrooms or through online communication tools such as video conferences. During synchronous education, students engage in practical activities, exchange ideas, and collaborate with fellow students and the instructor throughout the teaching session.

These two forms of education differ in terms of time dynamics, access to material, and interaction between students and educators. Asynchronous education provides greater flexibility and autonomy to students, while synchronous education allows for immediate interaction and mutual communication.

Both of these approaches have their advantages and can be used based on the needs of students and the learning environment.

For what reason would an educator, tutoring center, or school choose asynchronous education?2023-08-12T08:45:04+00:00

Asynchronous education can be an excellent choice for an educator, a tutoring center, or a school for several reasons:

  1. Flexibility: Students have the flexibility to adjust the time and pace of learning according to their individual needs. This allows students to work at their own pace, review material as needed, and progress to the next units only when they are ready.
  2. Self-Directed Learning: Asynchronous education encourages self-directed learning and autonomy among students. Students take responsibility for their own learning, making decisions about when and how to engage with the material, which sources to use, and how to make the most of their learning experience.
  3. Wide Accessibility: Through asynchronous education, students can access educational materials from anywhere, as long as they have internet access. This gives them the opportunity to learn independently, regardless of geographic or time constraints.
  4. Time and Resource Savings: Asynchronous education saves time and resources, as it doesn’t require the physical presence of all students and the educator simultaneously. Students can utilize their time effectively and continue learning even when not in a classroom.
  5. Personalization: Asynchronous education allows for personalized learning, as students can choose the material, learning methods, and activities that best suit their needs and level.

These are just a few of the reasons why an educator, tutoring center, or school might opt for asynchronous education. Depending on their needs and preferences, they can leverage the advantages of this educational format to provide effective and tailored education to their students.

Is asynchronous education a good solution for all types of tutoring and subjects? (For example, language tutoring, math tutoring, physics, chemistry, literature, ancient studies, university student tutoring, etc.)2023-08-12T08:49:49+00:00

Asynchronous education can be a suitable solution for various types of tutoring centers and courses, but its appropriateness depends on the specific needs and requirements of each center and course. Some types of tutoring centers and courses that can benefit from asynchronous education include:

  1. Language Tutoring Centers: Students can attend language lessons asynchronously, having the flexibility to review and practice oral and written communication at their own pace.
  2. Math, Physics, Chemistry Tutoring Centers: Students can engage with complex subjects and revisit material as needed to fully comprehend concepts. Additionally, they can solve exercises and problems at their own pace and communicate with educators for clarifications.
  3. Literature, Classics Tutoring Centers: Students can read and study literary works and ancient texts asynchronously, analyzing content and discussing them on online platforms.
  4. University Student Tutoring Centers: Students can attend classes, study materials, and prepare for exams asynchronously, adjusting their time and effort according to their obligations.

However, there are cases where physical presence and direct interaction might be more effective, such as in some practical courses or situations that require immediate response and interaction between students and educators. Therefore, it’s important to assess the needs and preferences of the students and the nature of the course before deciding if asynchronous education is the appropriate solution.

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