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Developing an ecommerce wordpress website is one of the best, most affordable and very common ways to leverage this platform to grow your business. At Tryseo we undertake such projects with success.

WordPress is an incredibly powerful and flexible website building platform. With it you can create from simple websites, blog sites, ecommerce websites but also specialized applications that can be visited by thousands of users.

WordPress ecommerce website

In Greece, the development of an ecommerce website with WordPress CMS is the most common solution chosen by IT companies and consequently the most common for businesses as well. The comparison shown in the diagram below proves it. Among other well-known platforms used to build eshops and websites in general (such as joomla, shopify, wix, drupan, opencart etc) wordpress is the most popular by far.

Wordpress Ecommerce Website Development

Do you already own a WooCommerce shop and need technical support? Do you want your ecommerce website to be built with WooCommerce? We can assist you. Contact us.

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    Find our answers to the most frequent questions our customers ask us regarding the development of an ecommerce website with WordPress. We hope you find them useful.

    Can I expect my WordPress eCommerce store to load quickly?2023-08-14T14:42:07+00:00

    Using WordPress as a CMS and the WooCommerce plugin for building an e-commerce store is a combination that doesn’t create issues with loading times. What can potentially cause problems is the choice of hosting package and how complex the theme being used is, as well as whether proper image optimization is performed to ensure fast loading. At, we ensure the best results for our clients in these aspects.

    Can I choose whatever design I want for my WordPress online store?2023-11-05T14:03:04+00:00

    Yes, you can choose whatever design you want if you opt for WordPress ecommerce website. In fact, WordPress offers countless design options (both free and paid themes). You can also create your own custom theme/design from scratch. In general, for most of our clients, we recommend purchasing a ready-made theme/design as the cost is lower compared to building something from scratch. If the client’s needs are very specialized, then we discuss different solutions. But always be aware that specialized solution costs more to build and maintain.

    Will I have issues with payment security in a WordPress eCommerce website?2023-08-14T14:46:32+00:00

    The answer is no. You won’t have any issues whatsoever. WordPress provides numerous security measures for payments and overall content security of your website. What you’ll need to do is keep it updated with new releases, something that every IT company specializing in WordPress eshop development knows and ensures.

    How long will it take for my WordPress online store to be ready?2023-08-14T14:57:00+00:00

    The answer to this particular question is quite complex. At, we require anywhere from 1 to 2 months to implement the construction of the WordPress eshop. However, this time frame includes our portion of the work. The client has their own responsibilities as well. This involves uploading the products and preparing the required content. Depending on the client and the time they can allocate, the final implementation time, based on our experience, typically ranges from 4 to 6 months.

    Can I create my WordPress online store?2023-08-14T15:00:07+00:00

    In theory, yes, you can create it yourself even if you don’t have extensive programming knowledge. However, if you haven’t dealt with this subject at all, you will need to dedicate many hours to learn how it’s done, and not everyone is highly familiar with technology at this level. Certainly, you will make mistakes, and there’s a good chance you might make significant ones (speaking from experience). If you’re interested in this field and want to give it a try, there’s a vast online community that shares advice and information about building an eshop with WordPress. For those who want to create their eshop with WordPress on their own, we offer the Eshop Basic package, which provides an intermediate solution. We handle the initial setup in the simplest form and deliver it to you for everything else.

    How much does a WordPress online store costs?2023-08-14T15:02:30+00:00

    The cost of developing an online store with WordPress is influenced by various factors. In brief, we could say that in the most common cases, it can range from 500 to 3000 euros. If you want to learn more about why, you can read our article ‘How much does an online store cost?

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