We recommend this service to customers who already have a website created by purchasing a ready-made theme/design. In such cases, the ready-made theme is used as a base, but modifications need to be made to harmonize it with the object of the business, the texts of the website and its style.

An IT person does not have the perspective of a graphic designer. So, sometimes the appearance of a website can be improved when a graphic designer gives his suggestions.

This work is mainly about correcting graphical defects of a website such as:

  • the font family
  • the size of the titles
  • the page layout
  • the placement of content units within the page, etc

The goal is for the final result to bring harmony to the pre-existing design. It is not a completely new design.
This service is a very good and economical solution for companies that do not have enough budget to change the design of their website, but still need a more harmonious result that will give a positive impression to the website visitor.

Let us help you increase your website traffic and your customers. We can help you increase the sales and profit of your business! Growth is a result we can achieve in cooperation!

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  • Because we offer professional services
  • Because we have many years of experience with WordPress
  • Because we can fully support your online business
  • Because we listen to our customers
  • Because our customers are our best sellers
  • Because we offer competitive prices

Allow us to give you our own answer to the above question.


This is why we believe you should choose us. Because we care about your business idea and your business and want to help you succeed. Because we will tell you our honest opinion. Because we grow our business by keeping our customers happy and helping them grow!

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