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Google Ads

Google advertising nowadays (also known as Google AdWords / Google Ads) is an essential investment for many businesses. As the internet enters more and more our lives, businesses face increasingly fierce competition. Having an efficient website is a must for any business. But a website alone cannot guarantee the growth of a business. In addition, if a company is determined to invest in SEO services, it will take a long time to reach the desired result – the acquisition of significant organic traffic that will bring sales. For faster results, it is important for every business to invest in an online advertising strategy. Google Ads is a tool that Google offers to businesses that want to advertise their products and services online. Many advertising companies offer this service but they do not always provide it with the aim of quality result.

Google Ads Cost

How much does advertising on Google cost? It is a reasonable question we often hear, especially from businesses that are preparing to promote their products or services on the internet for the first time through Google ads. It is essential for a business to be able to calculate the cost of such advertising exposure. That’s why we will initially answer this question based on our experience, and then provide additional information related to the factors that affect the cost of such advertising.

Google Ads Rates

“Please check the following Google advertising service packages that we offer for businesses looking to try Google ads for the first time, and feel free to contact us.”

Why should I choose Google Ads?

The dynamics of Google Ads advertising

In order to understand how powerful the power of Google ads is and how necessary they are for every company. Google’s reach is huge. This means that the potential to reach the target audience is also huge. Some interesting statistics about Google ads for the year 2017 based on

Google turnover 2002-2018
  • Google’s turnover is increasing every year and in 2017 the increase was 22.67% compared to 2016 (from 89.98 billion Euro to 110.38 billion USD / year) and 23.41% in 2018 compared to 2017.

  • 86% ($95.4 billion) of Google’s revenue in 2017 came from Google ads.

  • Google’s net digital advertising revenue as a percentage of total global digital advertising revenue in 2017 was 33%.
  • Google is the second most important brand in the world after Apple.

The importance of the Google network by channel

  • In Europe and America Google’s market share is greater than 80% per country.

  • Based on December 2016 data, the Google network is the leading ad network in the United States with a market share of 77.8%.

  • 81% of global internet users visited Google’s YouTube video portal in the last month during Q1 2015.

  • Active Gmail users in 2016 were 1 billion worldwide.
  • Google is the #1 search engine for finding local / small businesses online through Google My Business (Google Maps).
  • Google is the No1 company in the world in user preferences for choosing a variety of applications that it offers (Youtube, Google Search, Google Maps, Gmail, Google Calendar).
The top brands in the world 2018
Search engine market share

Google’s influence on US economic activity

In 2018 Google’s search and advertising tools helped power $335 billion in economic activity for 1.3 million US businesses, website publishers and nonprofits.

No business is willing to invest in something that does not bring profit. Sooner or later if Google ads didn’t boost business profits, businesses would stop investing in them. In fact Google ads are so successful that they make and keep a company like Google profitable. And they keep it not only profitable but also in rapid growth.

How Google advertising works

Google ads and the main types of advertising.

Where I can present my ads through the Google Ads network

The following are the marketing channels in which we can display Google Ads in order to reach potential customers.

Google search engine

Google search engine

Ads that appear in Google search results are text ads. They appear at the top and bottom of the results.

Google Display Network

Google Display Network

Display Network ads are primarily banner ads (images with text) and can appear on almost any informational website (almost 77.8% of US websites).

The YouTube channel

The YouTube channel

YouTube ads can be in the form of banners or video ads, or in text. 81% of the world’s population visits YouTube at least once every 30 days.

Google Maps

Google Maps

“Google Maps allows businesses to showcase information such as company details, photos, videos, posts, etc. Using Google Maps ads on this channel enables advertisers to influence the ranking of this information within the Google Maps results.”

Google Shopping

Google Shopping

This is a special category of ads that presents product information available in ecommerce websites in the Google search engine results. This service has become extremely valuable for e-commerce sites in the countries where it has been enabled.

Google Ads for Apps

Google Ads for Apps

Google Ads ads can also appear inside Apps. Within the apps we can advertise either apps or other products / services we offer. This channel is very useful when running advertising campaigns aimed at popularizing a brand.

Website advertising services

Other website advertising services we provide using different channels.

Website Advertising Packages

Then see the website & eshop advertising packages we have available. For more information and clarifications contact us.

Advertising Packages
Social Media Management Packages

How can we target prospective customers with Google ads?

There are various possibilities as to how we can target your prospects. Below we briefly present some of the features provided by Google ads:

Targeting keywords when searching on the Google search engine:
We may choose to show our ads to users who search for keywords on Google or its partners’ search engine. In this way we can find users who are looking for some of the services or products offered by a company or even information that may be relevant to what a company offers.

Example: If we want to promote a business that provides furniture making services in Thessaloniki, we could choose to show our ads only to people who are in Thessaloniki and search using the words “furniture making” or “furniture maker”.

We may choose to show an ad to a user based on where they are when they search. We can target countries, cities, and even within a radius of an address. And we can further improve our targeting by selecting users who are either in the location we are interested in or are interested in the services/products we offer in a particular location.

Example: I want to show an ad for ‘home renovation’ services to users in Athens within a 4km radius of my business.

According to Google, language targeting allows us to choose the language a user reads when online or the language they type. Google will serve our ads to users who use Google channels (such as Search Engine or Gmail) or visit websites on the Internet that display their content in our desired language. The combination of location and language is very important when we need to target foreigners in a location!

Example: I want to show my ads only to users who are foreigners and are in Athens. In this case I could be interested in finding tourists looking for airbnb rentals in Athens etc.

We may also present our advertisements to users who surf the internet using specific devices or device models. Example, users using a laptop or desktop computer, users using a tablet, mobile or even android or iphone mobile models. This campaign targeting feature is also very interesting for local businesses that want to find potential customers who are looking for services or stores through Google maps on their mobile.

Example: Showing ads for expensive men’s clothing to people using the most expensive iPhone devices.

Days and Time:
We may choose to show our ads only on certain days of the week or at certain times of the day.

Example: If we want to promote a business that mainly sells coffees and breakfasts on a five-day basis, we can choose to run our ads only in the morning hours from Monday to Friday.

We may also choose to show our ads to a specific audience by targeting demographics such as age, gender, parental status.

Example: If we want to promote a business that sells women’s underwear and swimwear for young ages, we can limit our ads to only women and specify a minimum and maximum age.

We may also choose to show our ads to people who have specific interests. Interests are something Google’s AI algorithms detect based on a user’s online behavior (the web pages a user visits). Interests are categorized within general categories (affinity type) but also in-market interests when it comes to a user doing market research to buy something that interests him. We can also build custom audiences by targeting users who visit specific websites or search for specific keywords.

Example: If we want to promote a camping business, we can choose to show our ads to people who like camping or who are looking for camping products or looking for camping etc. Or if we want to promote a gym and are not sure who the target audience is, we can target the audience of the gym’s competitors and show our ads to users who have the same interests as the profile of users visiting their sites gym competitors.

Topics / Keywords:
We may choose to display our ads on websites that present information on a particular topic or on pages whose content includes important keywords of interest to us.

Example: If we want to promote an international freight forwarding company, we can choose to show the ads to users who are interested in topics related to imports and exports, or to pages that contain specific vocabulary related to imports / exports.

Placements / Websites:
We may choose to display our advertisements only on certain websites.

Example: If we want to promote products for newborns, we can choose to display our ads only on certain websites / portals that provide useful information to mothers.

We may also choose to display advertisements to users who have already entered our website.
Example: If a user has visited a lawyer’s website and reads some pages related to employment rights, then after the user exits the website, we may show that user advertisements that showcase the lawyer’s expertise in employment rights.

The great power of Google ads comes from the ability to combine all of the above ways of segmentation/audience targeting and the ability to display ads on a huge base of web pages. For this reason Google ads should be considered an investment for a company and not an expense.

Why Google Ads are important for a business

Because they allow us to instantly reach a huge audience, globally and locally, and they also allow us to select the audience that is the best possible prospect for our business. The possibilities we have as advertisers are “endless”. Most important of all, we can track the performance of our ads to such an extent that we can assess at each stage how profitable they are. Our conclusion regarding the profitability of Google ads is based on statistics and based on these data we can modify our ads aiming for a better result.

Google advertising by professionals

Many businesses have tried promoting their products/services using Google ads and did not see the desired result. They failed to create profitable campaigns which is often due to the quality of the services they purchased. Google Ads is quite a complex tool. To learn it requires many hours dedicated to theory as well as hours of practical practice which, however, cannot be implemented without real projects. A professional advertiser who has spent a lot of time in Google Ads has the necessary experience and can create successful advertising campaigns with the first attempts at a client account. It is important for customers to understand that the amount they pay a company to provide advertising services through Google Ads essentially corresponds to the time that an employee of a company can deal with the customer per month. The smaller the amount, the less time an advertiser has to deal with the client’s campaigns and find the recipe(s) that will bring a profitable result. Advertising packages that essentially limit the services provided by an advertiser in relation to the capabilities of Google Ads / Google Adwords cannot guarantee the best possible result for a business and consequently many times these packages are also the reason why businesses do not they see a result from Google Ads.

Google advertising services combined with SEO services

Google Ads / AdWords is the perfect tool that can immediately test an SEO strategy. Businesses can use Google ads to check whether the target audience will react in the desired way when they visit a website. Google ads are the perfect way to test the effectiveness of landing pages. In addition, the use of Google Ads can display additional keywords in real time that can be very interesting for a business because they can lead to sales / conversions.

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Do you want to learn more? Read also our article ‘How much does advertising on Google cost?’ for more information.

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