Are you interested in building an online store with Shopify? Shopify is a platform that was created in 2006 with the aim of providing a solid solution for building eShops, and since then, it has experienced remarkable growth. The platform offers its software online, which in turn includes technical support and website hosting. If you’re already familiar with Shopify and need our assistance, please feel free to get in touch with us.

For those who are less acquainted with the Shopify platform but would like to learn some basic information, you’ll find additional details below.

Key Features in the Starter Package

  • It offers 3 editions (for starter, medium, and more advanced e-commerce needs)

  • Order management

  • Inventory Management

  • Payment methods

  • Shipping Cost Calculation

  • Order status

  • Multilingual functionality

  • Support for multiple currencies

  • Support for tax rates (VAT) per product or product category

  • Marketing Features

Shopify Ecommerce


Building an online shop with Shopify is a great choice for someone looking to experiment with low costs. It offers excellent functionality that is user-friendly, making it a valuable investment in terms of value for money. Many businesses will also find satisfaction in the designs and themes offered by Shopify, especially if they don’t have specific requirements in this aspect.


Where Shopify loses its strength is when an eShop begins to have additional functional requirements. The packages become more expensive, and the pricing structure is quite restrictive because an eShop on Shopify cannot be easily transferred elsewhere unless rebuilt from scratch on a different platform. Regarding design requirements, as Shopify is somewhat of an out-of-the-box solution, we cannot modify the box itself. The options we have within Shopify are what allow us to make changes. Additionally, Shopify charges a fee for every payment made on an eShop within its platform, which is not the case with some other eShop platforms. Furthermore, Shopify doesn’t provide the ability to host emails with the domain name of the online store. While solutions can be found for this, in the realm of eShop platforms, it’s not common for such a feature to be unavailable.

General Conclusion

Building an online store with Shopify is a great solution for someone who has a good grasp of technology and wants to try creating their eShop on their own, either independently or with some assistance. If the eShop performs well or needs specific customization to achieve better results, challenges may arise. We would recommend Shopify for very specific cases, as in Greece, there are many IT companies that can offer much better services for the same cost or even lower (especially in terms of online shop maintenance costs).

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