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Choosing the right platform for a business’s eShop doesn’t always have a straightforward answer. Different circumstances will shape the answer, and sometimes more than one platform can be a good choice. Conditions that might influence the choice of platform for eShop construction include:

  • The requirements it needs to fulfill
  • The budget allocated by a business for the creation and maintenance of an online store
  • The scalability of the ecommerce platform
  • The user-friendliness of its environment
  • The preferences of the customer and also the company undertaking the project

Concerning the Prestashop ecommerce platform, here are some key points we consider essential for anyone looking to understand its quality and assess if it would be a good solution for a business.

Key Features

  • The initial version of the Prestashop platform is available for free

  • Order management

  • Payment methods

  • Shipping Cost Calculation

  • Order status

  • Multilingual functionality

  • Support for multiple currencies

  • Support for tax rates (VAT) per product or product category

Prestashop Development


The Prestashop ecommerce is a highly effective and cost-efficient solution for a business that wants to utilize a reliable platform to sell its products. The platform is available for free and encompasses all the functionality needed for an eshop to achieve both professional results and a strong business impression. Its initial installation is easy, user-friendly, and can be easily customized to adapt to a business’s needs. It supports multiple languages and currencies and provides payment security. Additionally, it can accommodate thousands of product codes without issues and doesn’t have excessive hosting requirements. Overall, it presents a solid choice for small to medium-sized enterprises.


The Prestashop platform does not offer extensive scalability options for eshops with such needs. As for the options it offers for using ready-made themes/designs, its capabilities are limited compared to competitors like WooCommerce Ecommerce. Furthermore, the add-ons that can enhance its functionality and the paid themes are much more expensive compared to solutions like WooCommerce. The support provided by the company for its platform is mainly through its partners rather than directly from the company itself.

General Conclusion

Several online stores have been built using Prestashop. We wouldn’t recommend it for a business with fewer than 10,000 products in its eshop, as it might not be the optimal choice for smaller product product catalogs.

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