Shooting and Editing Video with an Actor to Create Six TikTok Videos

Shooting and Editing Video with an Actor to Create Six TikTok Videos


This service involves shooting and editing short-form videos intended for use on TikTok or Reels and includes the addition of an actor to portray the scenario with the required tone. The edited videos feature clever shot alternations with added voiceovers or visual effects. This way, six videos are created in the style desired by TikTok users, based on research conducted by our partners in the field each business operates in. We recommend this particular service to clients who wish to create content for their social media or advertising campaigns. It is created with the aim of capturing the interest of potential customers in a compelling way. These are videos of economical production with a highly professional approach and are aimed at businesses that want to stand out.

The duration of each video can range from 30 to 60 seconds.

If you are interested in this service, contact us to discuss details for your project.


Additional services provided in this package:
– Production of 6 short-form (TikTok) videos with an actor
– Casting of the actor
– Script editing / text shaping into a screenplay
– Material production with professional video and audio equipment
– Research for accompanying material
– Editing of material according to the samples provided by the client

These shots will be taken at a studio in Thessaloniki. The service can also be purchased by businesses throughout Greece, provided that shooting on their premises is not required. For prefectures adjacent to Thessaloniki, this service is available with an additional charge of 100 euros to cover transportation expenses if shooting at the business premises is desired.

Samples of such videos


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