Video Shooting and Editing for the creation of 10 Tiktok Videos


This service involves shooting and editing videos intended for use on TikTok. The price is calculated for shoots conducted by our video experts in Thessaloniki. This way, 10 videos are produced in the style desired for TikTok, based on research conducted by our video experts in the business field of each client. We recommend this service to clients who have decided to promote their businesses on TikTok and want to create content for it. This is a cost-effective video production and it is aimed at small to medium-sized businesses looking to grow their presence on TikTok.

The duration of each video can range from 30 to 60 seconds.

If you are interested in this service, contact us to discuss details for your project.


Additional services provided in this package:
-Competition analysis & thematic advice
– Script editing / script formatting
– Video production with professional image and sound equipment
– Research on accompanying material
– Material editing with the addition of elements that will enhance engagement – emojis, captions (text on screen), transitions & b-rolls

The price is calculated for shoots conducted by video experts in Thessaloniki. For counties in the borders with Thessaloniki, this service is offered with an additional charge of 100 euros to cover the travel expenses.


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