Package 03: Web SEO Development of a company website by us with comprehensive study and supervision by us


This package is aimed at individuals and companies who want a more professional result as far as the construction of the website is concerned with the combination of various factors that can help a website bring the desired result to a business. Maximum number of pages (up to 30).





– Hosting package for up to 5 domains.
– Separate control panel for managing hosting on a shared server
– Business consulting
– SEO marketing research (10 hours) and SEO optimization
– Installation of Google analytics to monitor traffic on the site.
– Creating a Google ads account and connecting it to Google analytics
– 1 month free Google ads services for the website.
– Installation of facebook messenger chat on the website.
– Registration of the website in the Google search engine
– Registering the business on Google maps
– Create customer email
– Create a blog
– Result supervision by graphic designer
– Premium wordpress theme
– Premium photos


Examples of our customers who purchased the 3-pack: (add graphic designer) (add graphic designer)

Below we list the cost of support and maintenance of this type of website design services. The support services are the minimum required to ensure the quality operation of the website. If a customer does not want the support services, then in case such services are needed from us, we charge by the hour. For more details see our price list for the cost of website technical support with the time we provide.

  • Website Maintenance Services: €120/year
    1. Security and software updates (2 times per year).
    2. Daily backups stored off-site.
    3. Update standard + premium plugins
  • Hosting Package: €150/year
  • Domain Name Renewal (.gr or .com): €15/year


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