There are various factors that affect the cost of email marketing. If the email marketing is outsourced to a marketing agency, some of these factors include:

1. Email List Size: The larger the email list, the more expensive the required licensing and the time needed for creating and sending email messages. This leads to higher costs.

2. Frequency of Email Campaigns: A higher frequency of email campaigns requires the marketing agency to create more content and design more email messages, which can result in increased costs.

3. Complexity of Email Messages & Strategy: If the email messages are complex with multiple design elements and personalization, the marketing agency will need to invest more effort and resources, leading to higher costs.

4. Segmentation and List Management: If message personalization requires the creation and maintenance of multiple subscriber lists, the cost may be affected.

5. Automation Level: If the email marketing campaign involves high levels of automation, such as triggered email messages or drip campaigns, the marketing agency needs to set up and maintain these processes, leading to increased costs.

For example, if a marketing agency is tasked with creating and sending a weekly newsletter to a large email list of 100,000 subscribers with personalized content and design elements, the cost of email marketing can be significantly higher compared to creating a monthly newsletter for a smaller email list of 10,000 subscribers with basic design elements.

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