How much an ecommerce website costs

Do you want to learn how much an eshop costs? It is a very frequent question that every business and professional thinks before deciding to make such a website.

The answer is complex. In general, an ecommerce website in Greece can cost from 500 euros to 5000 euros when it is completely new. Because there are also cases where an existing eshop is upgraded and the cost depends on many factors which we will not analyze in this article.

You would already ask yourself ‘what does 500 to 5000 thousand mean?‘ :)… But this is it. It depends on many factors. It’s like buying a car. There are cheap cars and expensive cars. As there is also a wide range of intermediate cost cars. And although the price often indicates a quality, this does not always mean that an expensive eshop will be the best, nor that a cheap site will be a bargain. As in cars, in ecommerce websites there are various factors that determine the price. The most important thing is for a business to choose its ecommerce website based on its needs and its financial potential. As with cars there are solutions for all occasions. As with cars there are solutions for all occasions.

What determines the price of an ecommerce website

– If it will be created on a well-known CMS (content management system) platform, e.g. WordPress
– Whether to write custom code or use existing code
– If an existing mockup will be used for the design or if the website design will be created by a custom graphic designer
– The content of the ecommerce website. If there are many categories and subcategories of products as well as a large number of products or if it is a simple eshop with a few products i.e. 200.
– Whether to connect to an ERP or not.
– Whether SEO research will be done to select popular keywords.
– Whether consulting service will be offered within the price or not. Because what a business needs in the first place is consulting services so that it can decide taking into account factors that it needs to understand.
– If it will have a complex transport calculation or it will be something simple.
– If there will be more than one language or currency.
– If it will be hosted in a shared hosting package or a dedicated one and what features it will have.
– If it will only sell retail or if it will also have wholesale.
– Whether it will link to banks for payments or only include cash on delivery payments.
– Whether it will link to Google tools.
– If it will connect to skroutz.
– If it will contain a newsletter
– If a CMS such as WordPress is used, if the theme will be created on demand manually or if a premium ready-made theme will be used.
– If the products will be entered manually or if they will be entered automatically.
– If the products are uploaded manually, whether the task will be assigned to a registrar or will be undertaken by an employee of the company.
– If the website texts will be written by a professional copywriter.

The above are some of the most common factors that affect the cost of developing an ecommerce website. Also, the way in which the ecommerce website will be built affects its maintenance costs. For example, if a business chooses to make their eshop with code that will be custom written for them, the maintenance costs will most likely be many times higher than a business that will choose ready-made code and change simple things, mainly to differentiate the appearance of the eshop and not its functionality.

Custom code or off-the-shelf?

For small businesses taking their first steps in the Internet space we would suggest starting with ready-made code. This is because they will allow the business to test its eshop quickly and at low cost. If the ecommerce website brings the desired results it can always be upgraded if necessary.

For businesses that already have an eshop that does not cover them or are businesses with specialized requirements then it is preferable to choose to make their eshop with custom code. Because most likely they will need flexibility to make the ecommerce website the way they want and that flexibility is not 100% available when an eshop uses ready code.

What is a reasonable price to build an average ecommerce website

For an ordinary eshop that will be made with ready-made code, we would say that a reasonable price is between 1000-1500 euros. And for an eshop that will be made with custom code, a usual price is 2500-3500 euros.

There are also eshops with a lower cost but in these cases you should always ask yourself… How much time will an IT company be able to devote to a customer if they have given him an offer to build an eshop for 600 euros. It’s all about timing in these cases. Why, companies calculate the time to create an eshop. If what they will do is simply to set up the shop and its categories and you will take care of everything else, yes, then the price of 600 euros makes sense. The thing is, at the price of 600 euros, there is no consulting service and essentially you will play with your luck. If it goes well it went, if it doesn’t it didn’t go. It’s all a matter of choice.

What would we suggest to you?

We would suggest you to choose an IT company that has experience in building online shops and at the same time offers consulting services to its clients so that they can see results from an online shop. The best looking online shop does not mean that it will bring the best result. In some items the appearance is very important but it is also important that the users find it and after finding it lead the user to the market. Otherwise, intensive promotion with advertising is needed and this means that the company will have to calculate an additional budget for advertising.

We will suggest you to choose your online shop based on your needs and your capabilities and not based on the way an IT company works. The IT company may have a specific way of building eshops so that they can be managed more easily. But, that doesn’t always mean that this way is the best for you given your circumstances. If an IT company can’t agree to what you want because it doesn’t work that way, just find one that works the way that works for you so that it also gives you the solution that works for you.

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