Mr. Tsenekidis is a furniture manufacturer with more than 20 years of experience. The client manufactures furniture on demand and implements every design customers desire. Our client already had a website from 2014 but it needed a complete change. It took a lot of study to find a way to promote this activity. We had to find ways to present this activity in a very professional way, so that visitors to the website can understand the full range of services offered but also the quality of work and the competitive advantages offered. And we succeeded with an amazing and immediate result as can be seen below.

Business Location: Thessaloniki

Operation: Manufacturing Furniture & Trading Furniture

Website Language: Greek

Project Assignment: February 2018


  • Small budget

  • Intense competition from other companies that produce furniture to order

  • Very strong competition from importers of ready-made furniture
  • Consumers turning to cheap ready-made furniture

  • Strong SEO competition on furniture related words


  • Experienced furniture maker who knows his subject very well

  • Good communication

  • Confidence in our recommendations

What We Did – First Steps

  • Domain name change
  • Creating a completely new website based on the results of a SEO marketing survey
  • Writing all website content
  • Listing the business on the Google map
  • Create a facebook page
  • Intensive SEO analysis

How we proceed

The Results

Very soon our client took the 1st place in the Google search results for the word ‘furniture maker thessaloniki (in Greek επιπλοποιός θεσσαλονίκη)’ and not only for this word!!

The Result

The result for our client was impressive and the first samples were seen from the first month we uploaded his new website. As soon as we got the website up we ran Google ads to drive traffic to the site and immediately the phone calls and form submissions started from prospective customers asking for quotes. The first small projects came in the first month and the performance of Google ads in relation to ad cost and profit had a ratio of 1 to 6 which is a really excellent ratio. One year and seven months since we uploaded the website, our client’s business is moving at a very fast pace and projects are coming one after the other. Organic traffic to the site (unpaid traffic from the Google search engine) has reached 210 users per day and is increasing daily. We have stopped advertising through Google Ads because the client does not have time to cover the projects but soon we will start them again to promote an online shop for furniture that we uploaded on the same website. We have many plans to expand its business and we are moving at a fast pace. Our customer is very happy and this can be seen from the statistics below.

The Results based on Statistics

See below the results we achieved for our client through statistics

Within 19 months

We achieved the following for our client. It should be noted that the conversion % does not include the phones, which are 5 times more than the graph above shows.







Current Status – August 2019

In August 2019, the client’s website was visited by 4205 unique users of which 96% came from Google’s organic results. The importance of SEO for the customer based on these elements is very high. At this moment the average cost per click for the keywords that interest our client is approx. around 0.45 euros. Based on the above data, the 4036 organic users would cost the customer 1816 euros/month for Google Ads budget. In an annual context this means 1816*12=21792 euros. Such advertising budget is big for a small sized business in Greece.

Based on data from August 2019, the customer receives 5-6 requests for offers per day.

Based on August statistics, the client’s site appeared in Google results for searches of 1891 different keywords. 105 of these keywords, are in positions from No1 to No4.

Our partnership continues on a monthly basis and we are an integral part of the client’s success. We have earned his trust and for us it is one of our most successful projects in regards to a very competitive idustry but also a very difficult SEO and Digital marketing competition.

What our client says

My collaboration with completely changed the idea I had about my subject and its need nowadays. There are still individuals and companies that need the specialized services of a furniture maker and this motivates me to grow my business. The clients who approach me daily through the site, often tell me that they immediately understand that the services I offer are of high quality because of the way my work is presented on the website. I am 200% satisfied with the services of in every area that helped me and help me to develop my business and it is understood that our cooperation continues on a monthly basis because for me tryseo is not a simple IT company but a company that cares about the outcome of its work and the growth of its clients.

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