This project concerns a home renovation company in Athens Greece. When the client contacted us, he was ready to take his first solo steps in providing home renovation services in Athens and asked us to completely take over the promotion of his business online. This project is a successful case study and shows us how the development of a professional website combined with SEO and Google Ad services can lead a business to success, even in times of economic crisis.

Business location: Athens Greece

Operation: Home renovations

Website Language: Greek & English

Project Assignment: July 2015

The Story

Our client had a hobbyist website and initially contacted us to offer them a quote for Google Ads services. He is a civil engineer who was working for a construction company and organized everything related to the construction of apartment buildings. As a second job he took on small home renovation projects to supplement his income. His goal was to promote the website he maintained in order to find more projects and increase his income a bit more. During the first conversation we had with the client he asked if the site he had would be convincing enough to sell his services by advertising through Google. We told him our honest opinion “no” although he probably already knew it. So we agreed that we would do an SEO marketing research and that we would come back with a short digital marketing plan that would include suggestions to achieve the desired goal.


  • Very small budget

  • The Greek construction market on a downward trajectory during the economic crisis in Greece
  • Fairly strong competition at SEO levels for SEO reality in Greece
  • Small portfolio of home renovation projects that could be used to convince new clients


  • Strong will to work with passion to achieve the desired result both from the client’s side and from ours
  • Very good communication with the client and let’s meet for the first time 2.5 years after the start of our cooperation

  • Confidence in our cooperation in the proposals we submitted and are submitting

What We Did – First Steps

  • Domain name change
  • We created a completely new website for the client’s services based on the results of SEO marketing research
  • Once we got the new site up, we promoted it with Google ads

  • Create social media pages (facebook & instagram, Youtube, Google+, Pinterest, Twitter, Linkedin)

  • We have added the client’s business to Google Maps

How we proceed

The Results

With continuous and coordinated effort, we managed to make our client one of the most popular renovation agencies in Athens and Greece as a whole.

The Result

Since we started the cooperation the client’s website has been redesigned twice, as we have to renew its style to look modern and at the same time to follow all the SEO trends. Below you will see photos showing what the client’s website (Step 0) looked like when they approached us. The old site is still here. You can also see what the first version of the website (Step 1) we delivered looks like – now it only looks like this in the English version (house renovation athens). Finally, how the site looks now (step 2) (home renovation).

The Results based on Statistics

See below the results we achieved for our client through statistics

In less than 4 years

We achieved the following for our client.







Current Status – July 2019

In July 2019, the client’s website was visited by 5748 unique users of which 4643 came from the Google search engine and 706 from Google ads. The importance of SEO for the customer based on these elements is very high. At the moment the cost of paid advertising through Google for the word ‘home renovation’ is 0.95 euros / click. Based on the above data, the 4643 organic users would cost the customer 4411 euros/month only in the Google budget. In an annual context, this means 4411*12=52932 euros. Such a figure in advertising budget is huge for a small and medium-sized business in Greece, let alone for a relatively new company.

The conversion rate (submission of forms and smart goals) in July was 2.41% for organic traffic and 4.17% for traffic from Google ads. This conversion rate does not include the phones received by the customer which are at least twice as many per digital channel. With these numbers, it follows that the customer receives approximately 8-10 requests for home renovation offers per day.

The client’s site appears in Google results for more than 1000 different keywords per month and more than 100 keywords that include the word renovation are in the #1 position of Google results.

Our partnership continues on a monthly basis and we are an integral part of the client’s success. We have earned his trust and for us it is one of the most successful projects of our work that we started at the startup level and reached the market leader level with a small budget but with a great desire to reach and surpass the desired initial goal.

What our client says

I have been working with for many years.. TrySEO made the digital marketing plan for my company which included content analysis, SEO strategy and social media strategy as well as the construction of the website based on this plan. We work together on a monthly basis and he supports my company in matters of digital marketing, SEO, online business growth as well as website maintenance and renewal.

They are very experienced and creative in their work and a very important and trusted partner for my business. My website is in the first positions of Google results for all the keywords we have targeted. I am very pleased with our cooperation at all levels. My website is in the first positions of Google results for all the keywords we have targeted. I am very pleased with our cooperation at all levels.

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