This project is about WordPress website installation services ( for a graphic designer living in London. The client contacted us and wanted the most economical solution that we provide regarding the creation of a website. He already had the domain name and we agreed to complete the installation of a WordPress website with additional services covering the hosting of the site for a year, the installation of a premium theme as well as installing some basic plugins that he would need to design his website by himself. On time charge services, we also created the emails he needed, set up a contact form, the menu, the footer as well as modified some colors in the website based on his designs.

This is the simplest form of website creation that we undertake and is a good solution for those who would like to try to make their own website because they either do not have enough budget or because they would like to experiment. We provide also a similar service for installing a online shop / ecommerce website. If you would like additional information, contact us and request an offer for your project.

Business Location: London

Operation: Graphic Designer

Website Language: English

Project Assignment: April 2021

Our projects: Case studies from other projects