Ads 03: Facebook Ads + Instagram for Online Shops Starter

Ads 03: Facebook Ads + Instagram for Online Shops Starter


The Facebook Ads + Instagram for Online shops Starter package is suitable for businesses that have small online shops (up to 5000 SKUs). Our goal is to:

  • Increase the online store sales
  • Increase the followers of the business’s Facebook page
  • Create a recognizable brand among the business’s target audience

There is no limit to the number of campaigns we run in the package and the type of campaigns we run (this can include catalog campaigns, carousel campaigns, traffic, engagement, messenger, leads, remarketing, etc.).

The price includes the creation of up to 5 new advertising banners per month, and there is no limit to the catalog campaigns we run. Each additional advertising banner requested is charged at €25 per item. If the creation of a large number of banners per month is necessary, we can provide a customized price according to the needs of the project after a discussion with the client.


More information:
The initial advertising budget we recommend depends on the business topic and the location we will target.
We add the Facebook pixel and the conversion API to the customer’s e-shop so we can work with remarketing campaigns and create custom audiences of potential customers. Additionally, we monitor the results of our advertising efforts in Google Analytics.
This way, we know whether the campaigns we are running are producing results, and we can make the necessary adjustments and propose strategies to our clients.
After the first month, based on the initial results, we inform the client and adjust the advertising budget if necessary.


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