Ad 04: Facebook Ads + Instagram Advertising for Small Businesses with Services Starter

Ad 04: Facebook Ads + Instagram Advertising for Small Businesses with Services Starter


This package is tailored for advertising small businesses and freelancers offering services. The goal of this advertising package is to communicate the business services to as many potential customers as possible, attracting their interest and prompting them to request a quote or more information.

There is no limit to the number or type of campaigns we run in this package. However, there is a natural limitation due to the client’s small budget, which restricts us from running too many advertising campaigns simultaneously. The cost for the services of such an advertising package from us is 250 euros for an advertising budget up to 1000 euros per month.
We recommend starting with a minimum advertising budget of 200 to 300 euros per month. It includes the creation of up to 3 new banners per month.

Each additional individual advertising banner that may be requested is charged at 25 euros/banner. If the creation of a large number of banners is necessary each month, we can provide a personalized price based on the business needs after discussing with the client.

In addition, if the monthly advertising budget exceeds 1000 euros, a new evaluation of the cost of the service we offer is conducted, and a new offer is provided to the client according to the requirements of the advertising account.


More information:
We add the Facebook pixel and the conversion API if the client has a website, allowing us to work with remarketing campaigns and create custom audiences of potential customers. In addition, we monitor the results of our advertising actions in Google analytics.
In this way we know if the campaigns we run bring results and we can make the required modifications and recommend strategies to our clients.
After the first month, based on the initial results, we update the client and adjust the advertising budget if needed.


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