Advertising 01: Google Ads Services for Small Websites Starter


This package is tailored for advertising small businesses and freelancers who offer services and have a limited budget for online advertising but still have the desire to give it a try. The goal of this advertising package is to drive potential clients to the client’s website to fill out a contact form or make a phone call.

There is no limitation on the number of campaigns we run in this package. However, there is a natural limitation due to the client’s small budget, which doesn’t allow us to create multiple parallel advertising campaigns. The price for our services is €130 per month for advertising budgets up to €500. If the monthly advertising budget exceeds €500, a new cost assessment of the service is made, and a new offer is provided to the client based on the requirements of the advertising account.



More information:
We will recommend the minimum advertising budget to you after checking the cpc in your industry and your targeted location.
We connect each website to Google analytics and monitor the effectiveness of Google ads through Google analytics.
In this way we know if the campaigns we run bring results and we can make the required modifications and recommend strategies to our clients.
After the first month, based on the initial results, we update the client and adjust the advertising budget if needed.


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