This project concerns SEO services and website advertising services with Google ads and Facebook ads. Our client came to us in a phase where she wanted to make a career change and from a lawyer to of a large organization to switch to offering alternative therapies and specifically Theta Healing services.

This project had its own difficulty because it concerns services that are not well known. Sometimes, something like this can also be an advantage because the competition is smaller. We started by providing SEO services and found the keywords that her audience was using to search for such services. This enabled us to modify the website’s structure to appear in the organic results of Google search (results that do not involve advertising costs). After that we proceeded to promote the website with Google and Facebook ads. The best results in this subject were brought by Google ads and so we continued with them.

Our client deals exclusively with this subject and is based in Paris. Our cooperation continues on a monthly basis and the results improve month by month.

Business Location: Paris

Business Operation: Alternative Therapies

Website Language: French & English

Project Assignment: April 2019

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