The specific project that can be seen by visiting the website has a peculiarity. It is both a blog and an online shop. Although the online shop has all the functions of an electronic store, we have removed the ability to add to the cart. This is because the customer’s collaboration with the aloe vera product company she promotes does not allow her to sell directly from a website other than the supplier’s. The whole project is based on what we discovered after SEO marketing research and very quickly brought the desired traffic result we wanted.

Business Location: Thessaloniki

Operation: Selling aloe vera products

Website Language: Greek

Project Assignment: January 2019.

The Story

Our client already had another online store with the products she wanted to promote, but it was not successful. After discussions we realized that the fact that she could not sell directly through her website would not help us track the behavior of site visitors as much as we would like so we had to think of something else. This was to combine the knowledge of a blog on the subject with the simultaneous presentation of products and to urge the readers of the website if they want any of the products to communicate via messenger with the customer or via phone and email. The goal was to gather in the cookies many users who are interested in the subject so that we can reach them in the future with advertising campaigns.


  • Very small budget

  • Specificity with the customer’s supplier

  • Too many sites that write about aloe vera but also sell products with aloe.

  • The specific site needed a lot of work on texts and knowledge of the subject because it is all structured to bring organic traffic.


  • Strong will of the client to achieve the desired result to devote the required time

  • Very good cooperation with the customer.

  • Trust in our cooperation and in the proposals we submitted and are submitting

What We Did – First Steps

  • Chose a new domain name

  • We created a completely new website with very informative material according to the results of SEO marketing research

  • Created social media pages

How we proceed

The Results

Our client had some personal issues that required her time and so this project is in the semi-completion phase. Nevertheless, for too many words related to aloe vera, the website is already in the first results of Google.

The Result

Indicatively, we mention some of the keywords in which the website is on the first page of Google search results.
αλόη πρόσωπο ακμή
αλόη στα μαλλιά
αλόη βέρα στα μάτια
αλόη επιδότηση έσπα
αλόη για ακμή
αλόη για πανάδες
χώμα για αλόη
οδοντοκρεμα με αλοη για περιοδοντιτιδα
αλόη για το στόμα
…και πολλά άλλα…

The Results based on Statistics

See below the results we achieved for our client in the first year of our cooperation

Within 12 months

We achieved the following for our client.





Current Status – May 2021

For about 1.5 years the project has been under maintenance because our client became pregnant and other occupations became a priority. Soon we will start promoting it again as we originally planned. Everything is in life and we proceed accordingly.

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