This project concerns a Bulgarian language school in Sofia. The client was already our client since August 2016 and we had built the website for him. His tutoring school was growing very fast and in 2020 due to covid he made the decision to do online lessons. It initially started with Zoom classes with small groups of students and a live teachers giving the lessons online . For this client the covid crisis became an opportunity since in this way her business expanded throughout Bulgaria and abroad while until then it was only based in Sofia. The reason we made the second site is to be able to respond better to this goal. The new site has as domain name the school’s brand name (which is now well-known in Sofia) and this time the design was prepared by a graphic designer with mockups and not directly by a developer or pre build theme. In addition, the website is bilingual (English and Bulgarian) and connects to two apps. One for creating exercises for students to practice and one for viewing ready-made courses online. Students will be able to purchase ready video lessons through a shopping cart. During this time our client is preparing the material inside these 2 apps so that we can display it on her website.

Business Location: Sofia

Operation: Bulgarian language school with online lessons

Website Language: English & Bulgarian

Project Assignment: February 2021


  • To better understand the customer’s needs

  • To find an application that will be a good solution for online courses and at the same time offer good value for money services.

  • To ‘marry’ the client’s WordPress website with additional applications that will be able to cooperate with each other.

  • It required study from both our side and the customer’s side


  • A very good collaboration with the customer

  • Open dialogue from both sides where we discussed what we can do and how as and explain the logic behind it

  • Trust

  • The client is very eager to grow and is pulling us along 🙂

What We Did – First Steps

  • We used the domain name with the business brand name

  • We created a completely new website for our customer’s services based on the structure of the previous website

  • Great attention to the SEO of the website so that we can bring organic traffic to this site as well

  • New server for hosting the site so that it can meet the increased demands

  • Once we got the new site up, we promoted it with Google ads

  • Many important details involved the transition from old to new

How we proceed

The Results

It was a small challenging project as we had to achieve a professional result in all areas which will help the client to further grow her business.

The Result

Next you may see some template designs we got from the customer so that we can redesign it. Their content as far as the structure was concerned, was discussed with both the client and the designer in order to achieve a result that the client would like but which would also be effective for SEO purposes.

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