Ads 04: Manage Facebook + Instagram Wall Starter


The Facebook Management + Instagram Wall Starter package is aimed at businesses that wish to build their image and show their Facebook page readers a more professional face in terms of the way they communicate their brand and the services or products they offer.

In this particular package we provide the following / month:

  • 4 Facebook posts
  • 4 Instagram posts
  • 4 Instagram stories
  • Copywriting
  • Social media PR strategy

It is the basic package for social media management that we offer and can be combined with the Facebook Ads + Instagram advertising package for Ecommerce Websites Starter that we offer. The second concerns purely the promotion of advertising material through the business facebook ads tool and presupposes the existence of a separate additional advertising budget that customers pay directly to Facebook and not to us.


More information:
In addition to the specific starter package for Facebook + Instagram Wall management, we also offer the medium level with a monthly cost of €280:

The Facebook + Instagram Wall Medium Management package provides the following / month:

  • 8 Facebook posts
  • 8 Instagram posts
  • 4 Instagram / Facebook stories
  • Copywriting
  • Social media PR strategy

If you want an offer with specialized requirements, contact us and we will prepare it according to your needs.


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