This project concerns a conservatory in Thessaloniki Greece. This customer was already our customer. Until the point of this project we were offering to him SEO services and Google Ads services on a website for the conservatory the client had created. That website was old and needed a lot of changes. It was easier and preferable to make a completely new one. The impressive results that started immediately after we uploaded the new website impressed even us, let alone our client.

Business Location: Thessaloniki Greece

Activity: Conservatory & Recording Studio

Website Language: Greek & English

Project assignment: July 2021

The Story

Our client wanted us to achieve more new course enrollments at the conservatory. We told him that to achieve this we would have to try something more drastic. A new website for the conservatory with a renewed design that will keep up with the modern profile of the students of the conservatory. On the website that already existed, the information about the conservatory’s services was incomplete and its structure was a bit confusing. Our client agreed to give it a try and so we undertook to implement the new project.


  • Very limited time to implement the project. We had to complete it within 2 months before the registrations for the new school year started.

  • The new website needed a lot of new text to support its structure.


  • Very good coordination and cooperation with the customer.

  • The conservatory as a business offers everything it needs to allow us to present it as a leader in its subject.

What We Did – First Steps

  • Bought new domain name

  • Renewed SEO marketing research to make the proposal for the new website structure

  • We designed the layout of the different types of pages within the new site

  • As soon as we uploaded the website we immediately started advertising

How we proceed

2nd Phase

Translation of the Website into English

After we uploaded the new website in Greek, a second phase of the project began. To complete the new website with the addition of the English language. We put the translation in the 2nd phase of the project because we knew that 2 months would not be enough to complete the website in a 2nd language as well.

The conservatory offers online courses so we thought to test its services in foreign markets as well. We will start this project in September 2022. The website translation completed in April 2022.

The Results

The results came from the first month. The interest for enrolling and the new enrollments at the conservatory was higher than any previous year. Double+ than the best years of the past.

The Result

You will then see photos showing what the old website looked like (it can still be accessed here) and what the new website looks like.

The Results based on Statistics

See below the results we achieved for our client through statistics

Within 10 months

We achieved the following for our client.







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