This project concerns a drywall tools shop located in Sofia, Bulgaria. The client contacted us while setting up the store and wanted a website but was not sure that he wanted the website to be an eshop type. Until then, the client was involved in the construction of buildings and it was also the first time he would enter the commercial area. So everything was new to him in this matter and he needed counseling as to what would be best to do. And this project of ours is a successful case study and has brought the client to the first results of google for many of the keywords that interest him.

Business Location: Sofia

Operation: Drywall Tools Shop

Website Language: Bulgarian

Project Finalized: June 2018

The Story

When the client contacted us, he had in mind that he wanted a website. He knew nothing more and wanted direction as to what we should do. After discussing with him, he decided that the website should be of the e-shop type and so we started the SEO marketing research in order to understand the way that the prospective buyers search for the company’s products. The purpose of this research is to be used afterwards to design the structure of the website. After completing the seo research we gave our proposal to the client and with his help we finalized the structure we would give to the website and started the design and construction. As soon as the structure was completed, store staff were trained so that they could start uploading products and we moved on to details regarding the design and seo of the page.


  • The customer didn’t know exactly what he wanted
  • Quite strong competition in SEO levels

  • The free time the client had to deal with this project was very limited


  • Good knowledge of the subject

  • The client targeted a product category that can be considered niche

  • The client had very good prices compared to the competition on the products they were promoting

  • The customer also undertakes repairs to the products he sells

  • Willingness to cooperate

  • Trust in our cooperation

What We Did – First Steps

  • Domain name selection

  • We created a website based on the results of SEO marketing research

  • Once we got the new site up, we promoted it with Google ads

  • Create social media pages (facebook & instagram, Youtube, Google+, Pinterest, Twitter, Linkedin)

  • We have added the client’s business to Google Maps

How we proceed

  • Consulting services in digital marketing

  • Website support

The Results

Our client now appears in top positions in google search results for many keywords that interest him and receives orders every day.

The Result

Next, follow some print screens from the client’s website.

The Results based on Statistics

See below the results we achieved for our client through statistics

** It should be noted that the google my business statistics for this particular client show a drop after the middle of the quarter because somewhere there the story started with covid-19 (2020) and the traffic of the site was affected.

Within 18.5 months

We achieved the following for our client.







Current Status – February 2020

The client’s website appears in Google results for more than 900 different keywords per month and for about 190 keywords related to products it sells it is in positions 1-4 in Google search results.

At the moment we are not running any advertising and we are not doing SEO because the client does not want anything more than this result (at least in this period).

Our cooperation continues as far as the maintenance and support of the website is concerned and in general there is a good cooperation.

What does our client say

They will be added soon.

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