This project concerns a perfumeshop in Thessaloniki Greece. When the customer contacted us she informed us that she already had a website but had not received orders from it. The website was a small business presentation type and did not include ecommerce features inside. In general, the client was not sure whether an online shop could bring results in her business because customers usually want to try perfumes before buying them. On the plus side, the client’s physical store also sold similar perfumes to well-known ones, and we relied on that. We started the project with SEO marketing research and based on its results and the information we received from the client in order to design the structure of the eshop, the product categories etc. Although it is still very early since the project was uploaded (October 2020) we have already managed to be in the first positions in Google search results for keywords related to our client’s products.

Business Location: Thessaloniki Greece

Operation: Perfume Shop

Website Language: Greek

Project Assignment: March 2020


  • The project started a few days before the first Covid 19 lockdown

  • Strong competition in SEO levels

  • The customer needed enough training to feel confident to upload products and generally manage the online shop

  • Contacting a new customer on this item brings better results when done in-store.


  • The customer had a very good knowledge of the business topic

  • The customer imports the perfumes directly from France and therefore has the possibility to bring the variety she wants and also to offer competitive prices

  • Confidence in our cooperation in the proposals we submitted and are submitting

  • Very good communication

What We Did – First Steps

  • Bought new domain name

  • We created a completely new website for the client’s services based on the results of SEO marketing research

  • Once we got the new site up, we promoted it with Google ads

  • We have changed the business details on Google Maps

  • We prepared the online shop for remarketing advertising (Google & Facebook)

How we proceed

The Results based on Statistics

The results of this particular project are of a smaller scale than they would have been had the covid crisis not existed. This is because perfumes are an item that people wear a lot when they go out to have fun. Nevertheless, at the level of keywords and positions in the Google results, the results so far are very good for such a new eshop.

Check below the results we achieved for our client through statistics

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