This project concerns the Ams conservatory in Thessaloniki. When the client contacted us, the conservatory was in its 2nd year of operation in a new location in the city of Thessaloniki and needed additional students. The client already had a website, but the website would not have convinced the website users if we had ran online advertisements. So, we discussed the possibility of doing a mini redesign of the website, both in terms of the aesthetic part and its content. The primary goal was to manage to convince the users of the website that we would bring with ads and in the second phase to improve the website’s keyword rankings in Google search results. The results were immediately visible from the first month and in the first year of our cooperation the conservatory registered 50 new students within 3 months.

Business Location: Thessaloniki Greece

Δραστηριότητα: Conservatory / Music School

Website Language: Greek

Project Assignment: August 2017

The Story

Our client already had a website that he had made himself and initially asked us to promote it using Google ads. After studying the website and his business we told him that if we ran ads they would not have brought results. Several changes had to be made before we ran any ads. He trusted us and so we worked with him to achieve the desired result. We changed the structure of the website a lot but because there was not enough budget to make a complete redesign proposal we worked on some web pages. Mainly in the courses that we would later promote on the home page as well. Alongside these changes, we also optimized the information of the conservatory on Google maps (google my business) so as to improve both the organic traffic and the performance of Google ads. The results were better than we expected in all areas (advertising, organic and google maps).


  • Very small budget

  • The conservatory was new

  • Strong competition comparing to other popular conservatories in Thessaloniki

  • A very short period of time to make the changes to the site and at the same time to start advertising


  • Strong will to work with a willingness to achieve the desired result both from the client’s side and from ours

  • Very good communication with the client and let’s meet for the first time 2.5 years after the start of our cooperation

  • Confidence in our cooperation in the proposals we submitted and are submitting

  • The business ethos goes hand in hand with what the students want both in terms of courses and in terms of experience

  • The conservatory has very experienced teaching staff

  • The conservatory often organizes seminars related to the teaching of musical instruments as well as musical events in which its students participate

What We Did – First Steps

  • SEO marketing research to see what those interested in music lessons etc. are looking for.
  • We have completely changed the structure and content of some of the website’s pages

  • Once we got the new site up, we promoted it with Google ads

  • We added the client’s business to Google maps and made optimizations in Google my business.

How we proceed

The Results

The conservatory is now one of the popular conservatories of Thessaloniki.

Below are some statistics from the results we achieved in the first period of our cooperation.

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