This project concerns a beauty school in Thessaloniki. The client contacted us following a recommendation for our services from another of our clients. The client already had a website when she contacted us but it was very old and its design could not support such a line of business. Our client is a private beauty school in which hairdressing, barbering, make-up, nail art, massage, aesthetics courses are taught and in the same space services are provided by its students to individuals in some of these items. As a project, it was quite large because we had to understand with SEO marketing research exactly what the prospective students of each subject are looking for so that they end up at the school that interests them.

Business Location: Thessaloniki

Operation: Beauty school

Website Language: Greek

Project Assignment: September 2019

The Story

Our client already had a website which, as she informed us when we started talking to her, had never brought him any results. The website was even advertised with Google and Facebook ads. When we saw the website we understood why it didn’t work until then. It was also missing a lot of text and its design was also outdated. We advised the client that especially for a subject related to beauty the design should be very modern and beautiful to attract new students. It is a matter of impression and whoever wins the impression will also win the customer especially when the customer has not received a recommendation from someone for the services of a school. One very positive thing we noticed was that the client immediately trusted us. Maybe because we spoke to the client in the language she understood and although she could not have known on a technical level what was required, she understood on a business level that she was really missing very important information from the site. We started with SEO marketing research and analyzed the services of the competition and gave our proposal to the client. We agreed and followed our advice so that he prepared the required texts while we prepared the design and structure of the site.


  • The client needed some training to be able to understand what we wanted but also prepare it and be able to follow up our performance targets.

  • Intense competition in SEO levels for the Greek standards

  • The client has minimal material (texts, photos, videos) that we could use on the website


  • The client was very keen to deliver the requested material and we were impressed by how methodically and quickly she worked to prepare and assemble it.

  • Very good communication with the customer

  • Confidence in our cooperation at all levels.

What We Did – First Steps

  • New domain name

  • We created a completely new website for the client’s services based on the results of SEO marketing research

  • Once we got the new site up, we promoted it with Google ads

  • We linked the new website with the client’s social media pages.
  • We fixed the customer details inside Google Maps

How we proceed

The Results

Our particular client did not have time to enjoy the results of their work and ours. As soon as we started recording sucessful results the client had to temporarily stop its activity due to covid. Despite this, the website continues to show improved results in the Google search engine.

The Result

The school has been closed for the last 7 months and is due to reopen in mid-May 2021. We cannot therefore speak of registration results but only of interested parties who wanted to know more information and register after it reopens. And these were and are very good results considering the conditions.

Old website

The Results based on Statistics

See below the results we achieved for our client through statistics

Within 16 months

Of which 9 months are closed due to covid – We achieved the following for our client.







Current Status – May 2021

We are waiting for the business to open again so that we can continue what we started. During the months it is closed we have stopped all our promotions as well as SEO. During all this time, the client had 7171 sessions from organic traffic, which correspond to approximately 3600 euros of advertising budget if She were to acquire it with google ads (the keywords in this subject cost approximately 0.5 euros per click in Greece). We believe that to the extent that we have been able to bring a result we have brought it but additional effort is needed to help the customer to come back.

Some of the words it’s already showing up on the first page of Google results:

μαθήματα ονυχοπλαστικής online
σχολή barber θεσσαλονίκη
σχολή κουρέα θεσσαλονίκη
σχολή κομμωτικής θεσσαλονίκη
ταχύρυθμα μαθήματα κομμωτικής
ταχύρυθμα μαθήματα για νύχια
ταχύρυθμα μαθήματα ονυχοπλαστικής
ταχύρυθμα μαθήματα ρεφλεξολογίας

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