This project concerns a website of a hypnotherapistin Thessaloniki. This particular website is the second website we implemented for this particular client with this object. The first concerned the services of a hypnotherapy center in Thessaloniki in which she was a partner and left. After she left, she asked us to implement a website with the services she offers. It is the only exception that we have undertaken the implementation of a client project with the same object, and this is because there is no problem between them because there is a synergistic relationship.

Business Location: Thessaloniki Greece

Operation: Hypnotherapy and Alternative Therapies

Website Language: Greek

Project Assignment: September 2019

The Story

Our client already had another cooperation with us and when she decided to make this website the procedures were done quickly. She explained to us the style she wanted to have and after we did an SEO marketing research and finalized the structure of the website we started to design it with the cooperation and supervision of the client. The writing of the texts and 90% of the photographic material we used was edited by our client because she wanted the page to have the style that expresses her. The result left her completely satisfied and so did we.


  • There are many articles on the subject of hypnotherapy published on websites dealing with health and psychology issues and the competition at the SEO level is high.
  • Strong competition in Thessaloniki in this item
  • The website had to have its own style and not resemble the other website we implemented on the same subject


  • Very good text for SEO purposes but also to convince website visitors
  • Very good cooperation with the customer
  • Confidence in our cooperation in the proposals we submitted and are submitting

What We Did – First Steps

  • Bought the domain name

  • We created a completely new website for the client’s services based on the results of SEO marketing research

  • Creation of Google my business account

  • As soon as we uploaded the new site, we did SEO optimization on google maps

How we proceed

  • Website support
  • Consulting services in digital marketing

  • Google Ads for a few months at the beginning of the project
  • Facebook Ads for a few months at the beginning of the project

The Results

The client immediately appeared for their main keywords in the first results of Google Map and within the first 3 months and in the first 5 results of google search for some key words without us having dealt much with SEO.

The Result

Since we started the cooperation the client’s main source of customers is website without advertising yet. 80% of the customer’s customers come from the website and even with few user visits to the website. This means that her style and in general all her material is exactly what her visitors are looking for. In 2020 we will start google ads and facebook ads and the results are expected to be very good based on the statistics we have from the organic results.

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