This project is about one language school that teaches Bulgarian in Sofia Bulgaria and online. Our client was an English and Bulgarian language teacher who worked on a freelance basis. This project proves once again that a professional website combined with properly targeted digital marketing (SEO & Google Ads) can lead to success and create a brand.

Business Location: Sofia

Operation: Bulgarian Language School

Website Language English and Bulgarian

Project Assignment: August 2016

The Story

Our client had already made an amateur site by herself which she had not managed to bring a student. Initially, to promote her services, she had dealt with Facebook. When we started discussing her project, she was already in the mood to make a new website. In our discussion we mentioned the possibility of him also trying Google Ads and SEO and he seemed interested. What the client was interested in was making a website that looked professional and could convince her target audience to start classes. She didn’t even have the goal of creating a Bulgarian language school because even as a thought at that stage it would have been too ambitious.


  • Very small budget

  • The main language of the site would be English, which makes the competition at the SEO level very big

  • The whole effort was something completely new for the client. We started from scratch


  • Strong will to achieve the desired result both from the client’s side and from our side

  • Good communication and understanding

  • Trust in accepting our proposals

  • Increased demand for learning Bulgarian in Sofia (many foreigners move to Sofia)
  • Weak local competition in Bulgarian language teaching

What We Did – First Steps

  • Domain name change

  • Building a completely new website based on the SEO research results
  • Once we uploaded the website, we promoted it with Google Ads

  • We have listed the business on Google Maps

How we proceed

  • Consulting services in digital marketing
  • WordPress website support

The Results

Once we got the website up and running the ad our client had tremendous demand. At the moment Edno School is the most famous Bulgarian language school in Sofia with 5 teachers.

The Result

Our client was about to start her first official school year and was very busy organizing everything she needed. As the time was not enough to implement all our proposals (because we were missing some texts that our client would write) we decided to upload the new website with the basic elements that we had prepared so that we could advertise her courses through Google . Since then our client has always been very busy and even today we still haven’t managed to implement all the proposals we had made. At the moment the business is housed in a large house and has five classrooms and 5 teachers as well as additional rooms for activities etc. Next you will see how our client’s amateur website looked like before we started the collaboration and how the tutorial website looks like now.

The Results based on Statistics

See below the results we achieved for our client through statistics

Within 2 years

We achieved the following for our client.







Current Status – August 2019

In August 2019, the client’s website was visited by 471 unique users of which 293 came from the Google search engine and the rest from various other channels. Every 2 months we advertise through Google so that we can increase demand and fill all classes. August is a dead month, so we start advertising in September. The conversion rate of organic traffic is 3% and the conversion rate of advertising is 2.5% without counting both the phone calls and the visits that the tutoring center receives at its headquarters, which are at least twice as many. In this way we fill the classrooms of the tutoring school with new students and our client is not stressed about the fullness of the classes.

In addition, with Google advertising we have managed to make the name of the tutoring school known to a large portion of foreigners located in Sofia and this can be seen in the statistics because one of the main keywords that bring organic traffic to the website is the name of the school. To be noted that our client does not run any other forms of paid advertising through any other channel.

Our partnership continues steadily and we are an integral part of the client’s success. We have earned her trust and we have managed to help make her professional dreams come true. This for us is a success on a personal level as well because we were able to help an individual effort grow so much in such a short period of time.

What our client says

When I first came across services, my language school was still at a stage where it was more a passion than a business. I wanted to dream big and I did, but I lacked the courage and knowledge to pursue those dreams. Then asked me whether I wanted to use something called SEO. It sounded familiar and interesting but there wasn’t much to optimize on my website at the time – it was a horrible piece of work!

Then it all began. The transformation of my business! did a very thorough research to find out whether what I offered was actually of interest to the world. It certainly was. This helped me believe that what I was investing my time and efforts in, was full of potential.

The next thing asked me to do was to put some structure into what I wanted to be a language school one day. Up to that point, I was looking at my business purely from teacher’s perspective. But designing a website not only states your online presence; it gives a name and identity to your ideas, it gives structure to your dreams. If you want to share and develop those, you need to make them clear, appealing, pleasant and discoverable so others can join you.

Once she had combined her research with my services and desires, I started producing the content. I was so optimistic at first but it takes time, inspiration, skills… It is a lot harder than it seems!

So far we have run several Google AdWords campaigns all of which a great success! The website has brought about 75% of our new students and we have received a lot of praise from them – people say it is clear, well structured, and informative. We have also tried other ways of advertising but most of them haven’t brought even a single new student.

The truth is that I haven’t stopped looking at my school as a teacher. On the contrary, I have been able to keep that perspective because work created the virtual space, image and interest in what we do discoverable. They helped us focus on our teaching services without worrying too much about finding new clients. is the invisible part of our team, helping us keep up with the virtual world!
I would absolutely recommend their services to anyone who is ready to push their business forward!

Ellie Zareva
Manager of Edno School

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