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SEO for ecommerce websites is a special category of SEO services. Although SEO services for online stores use the same principles as standard SEO, some additional checks and a different way of thinking are required when it comes to optimizing landing pages. The first time I was asked to do an SEO audit for an e-commerce site I was confused not because I didn’t know what to check, but because I hadn’t organized in my mind all the points I needed to analyze and then write a formal report about with the complete work that should follow. With practice things became much clearer and simpler.

How important are eCommerce SEO services for a website?

This is a difficult question. As with everything these days, to achieve things, we need to invest time and effort. In today’s internet business reality companies have to spend a lot of time promoting their websites (either through SEO, social media, online advertising, etc.). I have seen websites that are not optimized for SEO at all yet are quite profitable because they have focused their efforts on the power of social media. It is possible for an e-commerce site to be successful this way. I have seen eshops that do very well by spending money on Google ads, which can bring results very quickly. The fact is that the combination of online marketing channels necessary for the success of an eshop can differ depending on the type of products sold, the audience they are aimed at and the average net profit we can derive from the sale of these products.

Coming back to the question of how important eshop SEO is, it really depends on the case. No one would say no to the possibility of getting or increasing their eshop’s traffic that comes from searches on google or other search engines. But this is not always so simple or easy to achieve in certain keywords and markets that already have intense SEO competition. Of course, if this is achieved, the benefits are enormous. I believe that most of the time, especially for e-commerce sites, it is best to use a combination of online marketing channels to best reach your target audience and achieve repeat sales. Statistics show that conversions usually come from combinations of digital marketing channels and several visits are required before making the first purchase and a repeat purchase.

What eCommerce SEO services do I recommend to my clients?

As already mentioned, SEO e-commerce services have their specificity, but there are still some general points it is beneficial to check in one depending on what we want to achieve. Below are some of the SEO services for eshops that I recommend to my clients.

Technical SEO audit for an ecommerce website

I always tell my clients that just because an eCommerce site may look nice, it doesn’t mean it’s functional or good enough to bring in organic traffic. There are certain features that an eshop must have in order to comply with SEO rules. Those who do not know the principles of SEO cannot understand the differences nor can they explain them. A technical SEO audit helps us find out if there are technical errors on the website so that we can fix them. In ecommerce websites that have undergone a technical SEO audit, we have more chances to achieve an increase in their organic traffic.

SEO Marketing Research for Ecommerce Websites

For e-commerce website owners who would like to learn more about the market they are operating in, this service is a very good option. Who doesn’t want to know what’s on the minds of their prospects! By gaining knowledge of this information, we can adjust the architecture of an eshop and its product categories so that they cover as much as possible the searches of prospective customers. This SEO service allows us to better understand a specific market and provide our prospects with what they want, the way they want it.

Competitive analysis of an ecommerce website using SEO

This is a type of research that allows us to understand how strong the online competition is in our targeted topics and keywords. We can also see what keywords our competitors are targeting, what the potential organic traffic is for each of them, and how difficult it is to achieve high rankings in google search results for those keywords.

SEO training services

In my opinion, this is probably the most important SEO service for SMB eCommerce websites and is the starting point for any company that is really interested in investing time and effort into SEO. It is important for a company to know how to upload products, how to SEO-optimize landing pages, images, and generally learn some basic SEO principles. I usually carry out such trainings through Team Viewer following the process of loading products into the CMS that each company uses. This way, I can give very specific instructions based on how to build each website. I believe that this type of training is much more effective than a general training and by doing some examples with the customers, it is easier for them to understand and remember. To do SEO optimization on all pages of an eshop requires a lot of time (depending on the size of the ecommerce website). So, for small businesses who cannot afford this cost, this service is a very good option. In this tutorial, in addition to product pages we also look at product category pages because they are also very important and usually have more potential for attracting organic traffic.

Strategic SEO for ecommerce websites

For e-commerce website owners who are interested in a complete SEO for their business, this is the best option. It contains all the aspects mentioned above and in addition monthly reports on the progress of the strategy results.

Additional tools for eshops & training services

An e-commerce and SEO consultant should be knowledgeable about many additional SEO technologies and tools. More information about some of the tools I use is listed below.

Google Ads

Google Ads are the other side of the coin. What do I mean by that? All the logic behind SEO was created and developed by Google. This is done so that Google’s ranking algorithm can find the best sites per search topic / keyword. This logic is similar to that used to evaluate websites that advertise their products and services through Google Ads. For companies that use Google Ads, the results are spectacular, especially when these sites have been developed with the logic of an SEO strategy. SEO in these cases helps us achieve better conversion rates with advertising and vice versa. Google ensures sustainability mainly by generating revenue from the advertising service it offers (Google ads). So in a way it rewards the websites that are its customers.

Google Analytics

Without Google Analytics tool or other similar tool, I can say with 200% certainty that no quality SEO work can be done. Generally speaking, if we can’t track and understand a website’s traffic, we can’t understand the effectiveness of our SEO work. Google Analytics is essential and all eshop owners should understand at least the basic functionality of this tool so that they can monitor website performance.

Google Webmaster Tools

This is the foundation tool of SEO and it is essential. The Webmaster Tool or Search Console is the starting point for any SEO consultant who offers professional services.

Google Tag Manager (GTM)

Google Tag Manager is yet another Google tool that makes our lives easier. It is not used for SEO but is a marketing tool that allows us to monitor in statistical detail the performance of various marketing campaigns. The tool is commonly used by marketing teams and allows the ‘branding’ of campaigns without the need for programmer intervention. GTM also allows us to keep the website loading speed at a good level. All the tools we will need for an eshop for SEO and online marketing purposes can be added using the Google Tag Manager tool.

WordPress consulting services and plugins

WordPress is the most popular CMS for building websites and WooCommerce is the most popular e-commerce plugin for WordPress eshops. Many small to medium sized websites have been and will be built using WordPress. WordPress and WooCommerce are a great combination to achieve good and fast SEO results for eshops, without necessarily requiring a lot of developer intervention. Consequently, its combination is an excellent and economical option for the construction of an eshop. Below is information about some additional services for eshops that I offer:

Ecommerce Web Design
If you want to build your eshop or you want to change something in your eshop and you need help, contact me.

WordPress or Woocommerce Plugins
If you need a highly customized application ask me for a quote.

WordPress & Woocommerce Training (Basics)
If you need training on how to use WordPress or WooCommerce, you can request a quote and I’ll get back to you within two business days.

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