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Before describing what SEO for small businesses involves it is important to first explain what SEO is. According to Moz.com the definition of SEO is as follows:
Website optimization (SEO) is the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to a website through search engine channels (eg Google, bing, yahoo, etc.).
Source: https://moz.com/learn/seo/what-is-seo

And, indeed, it is, but the definition needs to be adapted to the current SEO reality. Thus, we propose a revised definition for SEO:

SEO is a practice that first allows us to understand the behavior and intentions of our target audience, then helps us to tailor our products and services to meet the needs of our target audience by changing website content as needed to achieve an increase in the quantity and quality of organic traffic as well as to achieve better results and user satisfaction.

It is very important to understand that the real job of an SEO professional is to find ways to satisfy the intentions of the prospective customers / target audience. This can only be achieved by spending time doing SEO marketing. After understanding the user’s intentions and formulating a strategic SEO plan to satisfy them, we can achieve a qualitative increase in the organic traffic of a website and additionally achieve better conversion rates and user satisfaction. The content of a website is ‘king’ when the goal is user satisfaction. So, maybe moz.com’s definition of SEO is missing the most important factor – user satisfaction.

How do SEO services for small businesses differ from those for large ones?

Small business SEO services are no different from the general principle of SEO. They are based on exactly the same logic. What makes them a special category is the budget constraints that exist (which makes it necessary to find SEO services that are affordable and effective at the same time) and the fact that websites that need SEO services for small businesses usually offer products or services locally and they are relatively small in size. These factors are important when planning a website’s SEO strategy and choosing the SEO tools that can be used. These factors will also affect the hours per month that will be devoted to SEO for the SEO optimization of a website.

I have a small business. Do I need SEO services for small businesses?

Our answer is ABSOLUTELY YES and we will explain why. If you have a small business or which you want to promote online or are thinking of starting one, SEO is the first step you should take. SEO marketing services are essential for every company and even more if this is a new business. The findings of such a research will help us understand our prospective customers. The data collected during a SEO marketing research will help us understand how much we can expect from SEO, how to focus on our core products and services, what sets us apart from our competition, who our online competitors are, and how powerful they are and lots of other valuable information. Most importantly, all this information will be based on accurate statistics provided by Google tools. They will not just rely on intuition or knowledge based on a small percentage of prospects or on limited experience. Google stores a lot of valuable market research data that SEO professionals can access and interpret. Access to valuable data is important, but it is useless if one does not know how to identify important correlations.

Are SEO services ideal for startups?

SEO services are extremely important for startups. When a company has access to SEO marketing research data they can shape all activity around what their target audience/prospects want. So when a company is ready to move on to building a website, we know exactly where to focus and the we will form the interface in such a wayto satisfy the users’ expectations. This information is important and it takes less time to build a site from scratch compared to the time it takes to convert an existing site that has not been built with this logic in mind. This applies not only to topics related to SEO but also to the business part to the extent that we can support it with an SEO marketing research. The initial investment in SEO time is a valuable element in the success of such an investment.

What other SEO services does Small Business SEO include?

All types of SEO services are important for small businesses but due to the limited size of the budget and the small size of the websites, the hours we spend on small business SEO are usually less compared to the time required for large websites. An example of a website that needs many hours of continuous SEO is a website like expatica.com. We have made SEO for this site (you can find additional information about my work on expatica.com here). SEO services for a website like this are essential because what the business is mainly offering is information through its content to the users who need it! It is very important for such a business to appear first in the organic results for important keywords.

Below is a list of additional valuable small business SEO services we offer:

  • Technical SEO
  • Local SEO
  • SEO page optimization
  • SEO link building services
  • Strategic SEO
  • SEO Marketing

How big of a budget do I need for small Business SEO?

The answer to this question is not easy. It is difficult to assess if we do not know the subject of the business, the size of the website, the competition, etc. If you request an offer for small business SEO services by completing the form in demand, we will be able to make a first estimate and reply to you. We would like to clarify that we do not work using SEO packages. We estimate everything according to the hours we will need agree to work for every customer on a monthly basis because this way we can ensure a quality result.

SEO professionals who have a good understanding of SEO prefer to make custom based offers for each project. A package is a predetermined agreement of services indepedently of what an SEO marketing research may reveal. It is difficult to know before such research what a site needs and how much time it will require on SEO. Also,it difficult to provide SEO expert services on a reduced budget. Many packages in the way they are shaped offer reduced quality. In order to get a full SEO coverage service (all the SEO Services Services listed above), they require from clients to sign a long-term contract. The SEO packages that are less costly provide limited quality in regards to the variety of SEO practices they cover. As a result, small businesses lack the opportunity to buy quality SEO services and thus cannot compete with stronger, in terms of SEO budget, competitors.

It is important for a small business to have access to quality SEO services by choosing the number of SEO hours of services it can pay. If a small business can cover the costs for 10 hours of SEO services per month, then it is likely to gradually improve its position in Google’s organic results. This does not mean that only 10 hours are enough for a small business to see significant results. But, with a proper SEO strategy, 10hours SEO per month will bring successful results in a few months.

How to choose a SEO company or a SEO expert?

The best way is word of mouth. Do you know someone who has seen really good results from a professional SEO services? Then it’s definitely worth trying out the services they were offered. In case you do not know a company that provided succesful SEO services to a website we propose another way.

If you find a SEO company or professional presenting case studies of SEO projects on their website then you can evaluate the result of their work. You can also contact the companies listed in the case studies to request extra information.

There are not many companies who offer SEO servives and presenting case studies. On this site, we provide some case studies of clients to whom we offered SEO services. If you wish you can also contact them if you would like to know more about the results of our work. If you are interested to learn more about projects we have implemented, visit the page with our projects and you will find statistics showing the quality and the result of our work.

Are you interested in SEO services for small businesses?

If you have a small business are you are interested in our SEO services, send us additional information about your business by filling in the “SEO Service Offer Form” and I will answer with an offer.

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