What is SEO Marketing

If one does an online search regarding what SEO marketing services are, most of the results that appear in a Google search explain the definition of SEO and describe search engine marketing in general terms. But this explanation is not what I understand and include in the seo marketing consulting services I offer.

What do the SEO marketing services I offer include?

The SEO marketing services I offer is a type of SEO service that is important for startups and for companies and individuals who want to understand the market size of the industry/item they wish to enter or grow. It is actually a market research tool based on online research with statistical numbers coming either from Google’s database, or from other online tools that analyze online shopping behavior and trends.

What can SEO Marketingservices offer you and why should you work with an SEOmarketing consultant?

Let’s say you’re thinking of starting an online business and you’d like to understand how big the market is in your industry and what products/services you should invest in. By doing SEO marketing research you can find out what users are looking for in this industry. You can find relevant products or services related to your business and calculate the size of the online market based on the average searches made per month in the country or city in which you want to do business. You can identify to what extent certain products or services are preferred by online consumers. Find out what market share your online competitors have and analyze their online marketing strategy. In addition to the above you can also calculate the percentage of potential customers you can approach/target by having a monthly advertising budget. Nowadays, the promotion and advertising of a business that has an online presence is a necessary condition for its success. For businesses this type of information is extremely valuable for making decisions related to strategy development and risk reduction.

How can I additionally use the information from the SEO marketingresearch?

The information gathered during the SEO marketing research stage can be used to shape an online corporate presence accordingly. A presence that will not only be based on the aesthetic effect but will present exactly what your customers want to know or buy. This is valuable information based on real and recent data and not just an assumption based on intuition, guesswork or experience which, while important but not always absolute, is built taking into account all the parameters that really apply in your subject. The SEO marketing consultant is something original for Greek data and not only. In the past, due to the high cost, only large companies could get their hands on such data. Nowadays, however, it is possible for small companies and start-ups to gain access to such surveys at a low cost. Investing in SEO marketing research can help you avoid mistakes and grow your business strategically. The goal is to save money from mistakes you can prevent as well as grow the business by targeting where you will get the best returns.

Based on my experience an SEO marketing SEO marketing research is the first thing a business should do before creating its online corporate presence.

SEO Marketingr Research – Example

To illustrate what I am trying to explain, I will give you an example based on a real case I had with one of my clients. I will use an example of a foreign client so that it will not be considered that I am harming the interests of any of my Greek clients.

This client reached out to me to help him create an online corporate presentation for an Italian school he was planning to build in the capital of Bulgaria (Sofia). They came to me with an already planned website design and were convinced that this design was perfect for the tutorial and asked me for a financial quote just to build the website. I immediately noticed that their design was not suitable for their services, which I expressed to the client and explained that I would like to do an SEO marketing research before giving them a financial quote for building the website. The client was initially reluctant, but after a substantial discussion I was able to convince him and he gave me the green light to proceed with the survey.

I selected some of the most popular keywords used by online users interested in Italian courses in Bulgaria and then analyzed them to understand the size of the market and to find additional information about what they are looking for. After completing my research, I put together a proposal for my client with the types of Italian courses that online users are clearly interested in with information on how popular each type of course is and how much it would cost if we tried to immediately target these searches with Google ads after starting the website. Some of the suggested courses were:

– Italian for beginners

– Italian for children

– Italian lessons online

– Intensive Italian language courses

– Private Italian language courses

Then came my proposal for the structure of the website (menu) based on the findings of the SEO marketing research and we discussed it with the client. My proposal was very different from what they had in mind and it was doubtful that he would accept it. I explained to them that this is based on real data given by Google tools and some other professional licensed SEO tools and that the suggestion was based on statistics and real numerical data. We made some minor changes and the client agreed to implement my suggestions. The results after launching the site and running Google Ads were great! Excellent success rates – about every 20 euros of advertising budget (with Google Ads), they won a new student to join at least one class with a minimum tuition of 200 euros. The client had no reason to stop advertising and at the same time by doing additional SEO every month the website’s organic ranking improved. After 8 months of operation the website was on the first page of google results for its most important keywords. Today in all the words we targeted they are in positions 1-5. It is worth investing in SEO, especially in a country like Greece where the competition in terms of SEO is very small compared to the equivalent in English-based websites. Once SEO brings the desired results you will have a salesperson working for you 24 hours a day at no extra charge.

Can this result be attributed to chance?

No, this result cannot be attributed to chance. There are a number of steps that must be taken to achieve such results and these steps must be based on the information that can give us excellent and real data. In this way we create online corporate presentations that create a professional result and help our prospective clients trust us. When a user lands on a website where the content provides the information / products they are looking for the chances of them choosing us for their purchase increases significantly.

I already have an online corporate presence, can I improve it using SEO marketing ?

The answer is yes! But you should be prepared to accept that the results of such a survey may ‘require’ your website to change radically.

Are you interested in the SEO marketing service?

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